Cleveland Cyclewerks Unveils Misfit, Ace Deluxe, Ace Cafe and Ace Scrambler Motorcycles at the Auto Expo 2018

Cleveland Cyclewerks has unveiled multiple bikes at the day 2 of Auto Expo 2018 these include Misfit Gen II, Ace Deluxe, Ace Cafe and Ace Scrambler. Heist and FXR were just on display; will not launch in India.

Cleveland Misfit Gen 2 Auto Expo 2018

American motorcycle brand Cleveland CycleWerks has unveiled Misfit, Ace Deluxe, Ace Cafe and Ace Scrambler motorcycles at the day 2 of Indian Auto Expo 2018. It also displayed the Heist retro styled motorcycle, but this bike will not launch in India.

Out of the four bikes unveiled, the two retro-inspired American bikes, the Misfit Generation 2 and Ace Deluxe will be offered with numerous design assortments for the Indian buyers.

CCW Misfit, the classic cafe racer, comes with a  250cc engine, while the CCW Ace Deluxe is a simple scrambler bike fitted with 229.5cc engine. With the two reminiscent bikes, the Mumbai-headquartered firm is ready to pose some serious competition to the long-established ruling of the Royal Enfield models.

Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit Gen II

Cleveland Misfit Gen II launch

Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit comes with all-in-all retro theme with rounded headlamp, massive 320mm front rotor together with beefy inverted forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. Moreover, the chrome finishing and twin-pod instrument cluster adds luster to the overall old-school appearance. Misfit is fitted with a single saddle, while the rear body cowl seems retractable. The LED strip at the tail adds to the charm of the motorcycle at rear.

Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Deluxe

Cleveland Ace Deluxe

On the other hand, the Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Deluxe receives lesser commanding aesthetics as opposed to the Misfit, however has got sheer simplicity to die for in terms of looks. At the front, the Ace Deluxe gets basic looking rounded headlamp with classy round rear view mirrors. The heritage theme bike gets single pod instrument cluster with necessary readouts, 300mm front rotor, aluminium wheels etc.

The other two bikes include unveiled are Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Cafe and Ace Scrambler.

Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Cafe

Cleveland Ace Cafe

Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Scrambler

Cleveland Ace Scrambler

Cleveland Cyclewerks Heist

Cleveland Cycleworks Heist Showcased Auto Expo 2018

Cleveland Cyclewerks FXR

Cleveland Cyclewerks FXR Auto Expo 2018

Cleveland Cyclewerks India is headquartered in Mumbai with fully integrated assembly plant in Pune, Maharashtra. The company aims to launch a total of five motorcycles in India in this year. The official website of Cleveland Cyclewerks is currently LIVE and features one more bike named CCW FXR, a lightweight off-road bike.

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