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Terms & Conditions

By using the website, which is also termed here as CarBikeIndia or site or website or portal or we or us, You also termed here as visitor or reader or user or his or her acknowledge, and are bound by the terms and conditions. We reserve rights to update these terms and conditions without any prior notice. In case, you don’t wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not use this site.

Content Submissions, Copyright and Licenses 

Content in any form on this website is copyright of the portal and its authors. A reader can read the published content and use it for his/her personal and educational use. Content published on the website cannot be used for commercial purposes in any form. And to republish the website content, you will have to take a written permission from us.

Using the Site is a free resource for the online community. Here, anyone can share his/her ideas, views, articles, opinions, tips or any other related material. A user agrees to use the website on his/her own risk. To mention, CarBikeIndia does not guarantee or warrant reliability or accuracy of the information and data published on the site. Also, the portal doesn’t take any responsibility of direct or indirect loss or any harm caused to its visitors by other visitors. The portal also doesn’t take any responsibility of files or source code with any type of viruses, infections, worms or trojan horses.

Users of the website agree that they you will not: 

  • Upload any third party trademark, patent, copyright, or proprietary rights.
  • Post/Publish any data, information, images or text, or any other material which is harmful, unlawful, abusive, threatening, obscene, harassing, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable that might invade somebody else’s right of publicity or privacy.
  • Publish/Post any content that the visitor doesn’t have any right to reproduce. Just in case, a visitor publishes work of another author, he/she must have a written permission to publish that material.
  • Post/Publish any material that can harm our authors or visitors.
  • Use our member or author’s emails (published on their request in their profile) to send Spam mails, Junk mails, or chain letters without their permission.
  • Breach any local, state, national or international law.


As a automotive author, you agree to publish your content in any particular form on the site so that the site visitors can use it for their reference. By posting your automotive and providing your content to CarBikeIndia team for publishing, you agree that you are allowing the portal to use your content to provide information to its readers on the website. By submitting your article or source code, you also agree that the content for Automotive is your own content and you are its original owner. CarBikeIndia takes no responsibility, no liability for disputes arising for the ownership, copyright, or trademarks of the content uploaded to this site by the visitor. However, by submitting your content, you allow CarBikeIndia, a nonexclusive, global license to link to, distribute, reproduce, adapt, display, perform and sub license the submitted content.

To mention, we reserve our right to reject any submission, or to alter the submissions, and even to remove a submission from the portal which has previously been posted at any particular time without any previous notification.


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