Car And Bike Racing Schools In India


Check out the list of top car and bike racing schools, academies in India.

Car And Bike Racing Schools In India

Does car or bike racing appeal you? Various kids all around the world who grew up watching various car racing events like Formula 1 or any four-wheeled form of racing have a wish, a wish to stop watching and get behind the steering of the car. This article will take you through the various racing schools of India. If you also want to become a racer, you must figure out these institutes. So, here is the rundown of car and bike racing schools in India.


Big Rock Motopark is a stand out rough terrain riding training arena at Shapur close to Kolar which is spread crosswise over 45-section of the land operational farm field, containing a smaller than usual timberland, a poultry-cultivate, immense spaces of soil trails and an appropriate rough terrain tracks. Despite the fact that they mentor proficient rough terrain riders to contend in Indian and International rough terrain races, their Moto Day programs are planned to cook the soil long for fans. 


Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. which is in partnership with a professional racing team Ten 10 Racing, executed their first session of its flagship Honda Ten10 Racing Academy. They begin their journey in 2016 at the MecoKartopia, Bengaluru. Honda also aims to introduce beginners and energetic racers to the sensational world of sports.



The most ideal approach towards a racing career is go to one of the ‘Rudiments in Karting’ workshops. Karting is the initial step to any kind of dashing. Here, at RAYO Racing, you will find out about the most vital essential lessons to learn racing. These are important for the beginners of go-karts but also for the the professional level–Formula One racers. Other than taking in the most critical angles, you will get a decent knowledge with reference to what is required towards a racing field. You will likewise get a smart thought of your abilities and also get a decent sign of your potential.



Found of Karting? This could be your heaven. Meco Motorsports, was established by Akbar Ebrahim, one of the most renowned racers in India and also extremely famous driver trainer. The school provides Karting sessions on a seasonal basis. This institution is on the tracks of Kartainment in Hyderabad. Another branch of this academy is at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore. If you want to learn racing fundamentals, this is the best place. To get involved in it, you can go to



Apex Racing is another foundation that runs devoted projects particularly to prepare riders with racing aspirations. While we haven’t gone to their foundation yet, it’s controlled by a pack of appropriate dashing lovers, some with the previous racing background, and we’ve just heard great things about it. The courses are split into three levels that move from basic to intermediate and expert riding skills.

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