Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard added to PM Narendra Modi’s fleet
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Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard added to PM Narendra Modi’s fleet



Modi’s Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard

The fleet of high-security armoured cars for the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, gets its latest addition in the form of the new Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard. The new S650 Guard is the current latest version of the armoured version of the regular S650, which comes with the best occupant protection facilities and build.

The Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard added to Prime Minister’s fleet is in a shade of gloss black. While there is a new-generation S-Class Guard already on sale now, the Maybach version is still available for the previous-generation version only.

What makes it an incredibly secure vehicle?

While the Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard looks like a regular Mercedes Maybach S650 based on the previous-generation S-Class, it gets a lot of modifications, which make it a heavy and super-safe vehicle. The S650 Guard comes with a re-inforced body shell and glasses, all of which are heavier than the regular ones and capable of withstanding bullets fired at them. The car is also capable of withstanding TNT explosions from up to 2 metres away. These specs give it a VR10 level ballistics protection, which makes it the safest and most secure car in the world right now.

Apart from the heavily customized body panels and glasses, the Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard also features a self-sealing fuel tank to avoid any possible fire blasts. Other valuable additions to enhance the safety quotient of the car includes an external communication system, automatic fire suppression system and emergency fresh air system. There are additional features that can be added further as per the owner’s choice. We believe that the Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard added to the Prime Minister’s fleet gets all the possible safety measures that are offered as standard and optional for the car.

Design in and out

On the outside, the Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard looks the same as the standard Mercedes Maybach S650. Based on the previous generation S-Class, the S650 Guard gets a unique looking chrome grille with vertical slats, heavy-looking chrome surrounds on the front bumper, chrome finish for the window surrounds, door handles and B-pillar and chrome touches on the rear bumper and boot lid. It has a longer wheelbase over the standard S-Class, which gives it an even better road presence.

The Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard gets the same cabin layout and comfort and convenience features as the standard Maybach S650, with some of the prominent features like multi-zone automatic climate control, individual screens for rear passengers and powered front and rear seats with massaging, heating and ventilation functions. The longer wheelbase also brings in more knee room and legroom for the rear passengers.


The Mercedes Maybach S650 Guard gets the same 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 engine, which powers the standard Maybach S650. Coupled with a 7-speed automatic gearbox, this engine breathes out 630 bhp of maximum power output and 1000 Nm of maximum torque. However, given the additional weight due to modifications, the performance and fuel efficiency of the S650 Guard are lower than those of the standard S650.

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