Tata Avinya concept showcased with all-new Gen-3 EV-only platform
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Tata Avinya concept showcased with all-new Gen-3 EV-only platform



Tata Avinya concept showcased

Tata Motors has lifted the covers off its brand new concept vehicle, the Avinya. Staying committed to its focus on being the pioneers of electric mobility in India, Tata Motors has launched the Avinya as a showcase model for its all-new Gen-3 platform. The Tata Avinya concept derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Avinya’, which translates to ‘innovation’.

Tata Avinya concept – Exterior

Tata Avinya price in india

The fact that the production version of the model based on Gen-3 architecture will be an EV-only vehicle is evident from the design of the Tata Avinya concept. It gets an EV like stretched wheelbase, with the front and rear wheels pushed to extreme corners, thus liberating a large amount of space for the cabin. The overall design of the Avinya concept looks minimal but outrageous enough to get labelled as a cool-looking concept vehicle.

The Tata Avinya concept gets small front and rear overhangs, which give it an impression of a station wagon from the future. The aggressive-looking front fascia of the Avinya concept features an LED-illuminated T-logo, which is stretched across the width of the vehicle and accommodates the slim LED headlamps within it. The concept also gets a carved-out grille section and sporty front splitter.

With a strong shoulder line flowing from the front fender to the edge of the tail lamp at the back, Rolls-Royce-squee suicide doors and alloy wheels with aero designs, the Tata Avinya concept looks bold from the side. Like the front, the rear profile of the Avinya concept also gets an illuminated T-logo with red-coloured LEDs, which are stretched across the width of the boot.

Tata Avinya concept – Interior

Tata Avinya interior

Step inside the cabin, and the Tata Avinya concept impresses with its extremely futuristic layout of the cabin. The overall design language here focuses on minimal usage of screen and more focus on voice-activated commands for various functions inside the vehicle.

It is evident from the clean and clutter-free design of the dashboard, which gets no proper infotainment screen and buttons in the centre console. Instead, there is a small TFT screen neatly integrated into the two-spoke steering wheel. In addition to this, the dashboard gets two TFT screens on its corners, which act as rearview mirrors by offering rearward visibility through the data obtained from the slim cameras positioned in a place where the outside rearview mirrors are generally placed.

The Tata Avinya concept is a five-seater vehicle, which showcases an immense amount of space due to the flat floorboard and long-wheelbase facilitated by the skateboard platform of the vehicle. While there are bucket seats at the front which get swivel function, the rear cabin has a flat bench good enough to accommodate three people abreast. The overall cabin is draped in dual-tone beige and walnut brown upholstery which use sustainable materials.

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Tata Avinya concept – Platform

Tata Avinya features

Unlike the Gen-1 platform underpinning the current Ziptron models like Nexon EV and Tigor EV and the Gen-2 platform recently showcased with the Curvv concept, the new Tata Avinya Concept is based on the Gen-3 platform, which is a skateboard platform developed specifically only for electric vehicles. It means that there will be no IC-engine-based vehicles on the Gen-3 platform. Tata Motors has not revealed any details regarding the powertrain, but it has made it clear that it will be focusing on local manufacturing of the highly-advanced battery packs, which will facilitate ultra-fast charging technology that can charge the batteries in just 30 minutes. Tata Motors claims that the first production derivative on this platform, which is expected to hit the showroom floors by 2025, will claim a maximum driving range of 500 km.


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