Tips to Maintain Electric Two Wheelers - A Comprehensive Guide
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Top Do’s and Don’ts For Maintenance of Electric Two Wheelers



tips to maintain your electric two wheeler

There is no denial in the fact that electric two-wheelers are the way to go for the future. And the automakers are pretty sure of this fact as well, as all of them are now prepping up their investments, production facilities and technologies towards this direction. Apart from new players like Ather and Ola venturing in this space, even biggies like Bajaj Auto and TVS have started the new journey with their respective electric two-wheelers.

However, no matter how simple riding an electric two-wheeler might look like, there are some steps which need to be followed with respect to their maintenance, to ensure a longer life and healthier performance of them. Following are some tips to maintain electric two wheelers :

  1. Avoid overloading:

Just like the conventional IC engine vehicles, electric two-wheelers too are capable enough to carry more loads than what is actually prescribed for them. However, putting up unnecessary additional load on your electric vehicle can put up additional strain on the motor and battery, which will result in overworking of them. This will reduce their life in a longer run, and will require pre-mature replacement.

  1. Maintain accurate tyre pressure:

For electric two-wheelers too, the automakers do prescribe suitable air pressure for tyres, in order for ample grip while riding and minimal load on the powertrain. Compared to conventional vehicles, electric two-wheelers are lighter, so, gradual air loss in tyres might not be as evident in the latter. However, if they are ridden with low air pressure in tyres, it will not only result in irregular tyre wear, but also extra work for the motor to pull the tyres. So, always maintain the right tyre pressure as recommended by the automaker.

  1. Proper care for the battery:

The battery is the core of your electric vehicle, so it must be noted that utmost care is given in its maintenance at first. For different electric two-wheelers, different do’s and don’ts are mentioned by their respective manufacturers in their owner’s manual guide. Be responsible enough to follow those procedures when it comes to the section of battery. Avoid overcharging the battery unnecessarily and charge from only that socket which provides the power output as mentioned by the automaker for optimal charge and battery life.

  1. Avoid abrupt braking:

Inconsistent and frequent braking not only damages the brakes of a conventional bike, but also those of an electric scooter as well. Electric two-wheelers are equipped with both drum and disc type of brakes, with the latter one more common in new generation models. Frequent application of brakes will not only damage the brake pads but also stall the electric components of the two-wheeler. So, for the practice of safe riding, avoid such braking habits.

  1. Switch off the vehicle when not in use or at idle:

Like in usual petrol powered two-wheelers, electric two-wheelers too suffer from the loss of ‘fuel’, which is electric energy from the battery, in this case. So, whenever you are staying idle on your two-wheeler, which happens more frequently in stop and go traffic situations, it is better to turn it off to avoid wastage of electric energy. Doing so will help you conserve more energy in the battery, which ultimately results in maximum possible daily riding range from your vehicle.

  1. Regular cleaning of the vehicle:

While it might not sound as important as other reasons mentioned above, it is better if you keep your electric two-wheeler clean at most of the times. It is advisable to give your vehicle a wash once in a week. The reason behind keeping the electric two-wheelers clean is the fact that the dust or debris accumulated in the vehicle can jam motor and battery, thus hampering their performance and leading to more frequent visits to workshop for their internal cleaning.

  1. Proper lubrication of moving parts:

Unlike lubrication in petrol powered vehicles which require more amount of oil for the whole engine, the electric vehicles are blessed to have not all those additional hassles. However, there are certain moving parts even in an electric vehicle which do need periodic lubrication, like motor and drivetrain. So, follow the maintenance guide of your electric two-wheeler and keep the moving parts lubricated as and when required.

  1. Park the vehicle in a cool and dry place:

While parking a two-wheeler under a shade or in a dry place is a given thing for all vehicles, it becomes a more essential practice to follow in case of electric two-wheelers. All the components of the electric two-wheeler, especially the battery underneath it, are affected by direct impact of changes in temperature, and high temperatures will reduce the life of battery, if kept for a longer period of time. So, make sure that you park your electric two-wheeler at a safe and cool spot.

  1. Avoid riding at low battery charge at most of the times:

It is a tendency of many people to ride with minimum fuel in their petrol powered bikes and scooters. While it can be done in electric two-wheeler as well, it will have a negative impact on the performance and life of the battery in the longer run. This is also one of the main reasons of frequent unnecessary quick charges. So, never ride till the condition of a fully drained battery and keep it optimally charged up. Even if not in much use, try to charge the battery of your electric two-wheeler once in 2-3 days.

  1. Don’t tamper with the battery all by yourself:

In case if you meet with a breakdown of your electric two-wheeler, you might feel the urge of checking the battery by yourself, by trying to open it up and inspect. It is strongly recommended to not do such a thing, as the arrangement of the components and the battery inside might affect its performance afterwards, the examples of which are unwanted vibrations and a drop in daily riding range. If you face such a condition, it is better to get it checked by a trained mechanic for the model.

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