Top 10 Automobile Youtube Channels in India People Must Subscribe To
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Top 10 Automobile Youtube Channels in India People Must Subscribe To



Here’re the best Indian automobile Youtube channels you certainly should subscribe to.

Top Automobile Youtube Channel in India

In recent times, there is no other thing better than a Youtube channel or video which has influenced the car buying decision of a majority of people in India. With a more elaborative and direct visual approach, Youtube channels have become much more diversified, rich and informative in letting people now, much more than TV and print advertorials.

Following is a list of ten most popular automobile Youtube channels in India which not only enthusiasts but also common people should follow to know the latest know-hows and trends occurring in the Indian automotive scenario:


Number of subscribers – 2.07 million+

powerdrift youtube channel

If you love story-based automotive content with creative video effects, Powerdrift should definitely be at the top of your priority and search list on Youtube. The history of Powerdrift goes all the way back to 2012, when a bunch of automotive enthusiasts kickstarted their journey on Youtube by the name of ‘Power To the Rider’ (PTR). The channel started with reviewing motorcycles, and gradually started making a variety of content related to automobiles. The channel was eventually renamed as ‘Powerdrift’, and promises to make reviews, comparison stories and features stories in a not-so-boring cinematic manner.

Autocar India

Number of subscribers – 1.77 million+

autocar youtube channel

Autocar India can be best termed as ‘veteran’ of the industry of automobile media in the Indian scenario. The media giant has been present for decades now in the Indian context in print and digital form. However, gradually, Autocar India has developed its Youtube channel with more interesting and elaborative content. This has not only shifted its main audience from print to online mode but also has paved a path for other media houses to do so. Like Powerdrift, Autocar India too mainly focuses on reviews and comparison stories, though in a not-so-cinematic manner.

Ask CarGuru

Ask CarGuru Youtube channel

Number of subscribers – 1.12 million+

Unlike the two big media giants aforementioned above, Ask CarGuru is a kind of ‘one-man show’, with a highly experienced Mr. Amit Khare being the brain behind the channel. Ask CarGuru started off its journey back in 2016 with 100 subscribers, and has rapidly grown its follower base to as much as 1.11 million within a very short span of half a decade. This youtube channel, with its Hinglish medium of explanation, focuses not only on reviews and comparisons, but also various other aspects and latest technologies in the world of automobiles.


MotorOctane Youtube channel

Number of subscribers – 2.08 million+

Led by Mr. Rachit Hirani, Motoroctane is an independent Youtube channel, which intends to influence the opinions and suggestions of car buying audience with well-crafted and highly elaborative videos. Motoroctane commenced its journey as a website-oriented blog few years ago. However, with a growth of Youtube users in the country, Motoroctane was one of the pioneers among independent bloggers to make its foray into the world of Youtube. The same content which was present in the form of words began to be shown in the form of videos, and it gradually became one of the most viewed channels in the country.


MotorBeam Youtube channel

Number of subscribers – 856K+

Like Motoroctane, Motorbeam too started off its run as a web portal, which made a gradual and progressive shift to Youtube, while keeping the web portal alive for those who love to read. With its Youtube channel, Motorbeam not only focuses on the basic aspects like reviews and comparison stories of all kinds of two-wheelers and four-wheelers but also has come up with viewer-centric series like Fanboys and ProjectCars. This was done in order to expand its viewer base and focus on all kinds of Youtube viewers.


Autoportal Youtube channel

Number of subscribers – 543K+

As the name suggests, Autoportal is a web portal that focuses on automobiles. It started off with a web portal with written reviews and comparison stories, like Motorbeam. However, unlike Youtube channels here which have evolved and started making more content-oriented videos, Autoportal continues to stick to the conventional roots and make traditional reviews and comparison videos. The videos of Autoportal do offer a more elaborative approach in the description of each and every aspect of the automobiles shown in them, which helps a lot of viewers in knowing them.

Mycarhelpline Youtube channel

Number of subscribers – 454K+

Unlike all the channels mentioned above, focuses on a rather different approach of viewership. Rather than following the safe approach of showing reviews and comparison stories, shows videos that are generally query-based, such as factors that do influence the car buying decisions of people, recommendations and various other aspects of a car in general. began its journey as a web portal back in 2011, and currently, its web portal still attracts web traffic of almost 1.5 million views every month.

ICN Studio

ICN Studio Youtube channel

Number of subscribers – 540K+

Claimed to be one of the most premium Hindi Youtube channel for automotive content, ICN Studio is owned by portal, which happens to be one of the oldest web portals of India. The Youtube channel of ICN Studio primarily focuses on reviews and comparisons of not only cars, but also motorcycles and scooters, and does show pointers and description in Hindi, thus attracting a wider audience base. Most of the videos of ICN Studio are primarily head by Mr. Vikas Yogi, who happens to be the head of ICN Studio too.

Gagan Chaudhary

Gagan Choudhary Youtube channel

Number of subscribers – 1.2 million+

This has to be one of the most inspirational stories when it comes to Youtube channels of automobiles in India. Mr. Gagan Chaudhary started making videos on modified cars and motorcycles and published them on Youtube for fun, which gradually attracted a lot of people who loved to know how their cars and bikes can be modified to look good and perform. Banking on the increasing popularity and subscribers, Gagan Chaudhary started making reviews, comparisons and travel videos with automotive touch, which made it even more popular. The videos are made in Hindi, because of which the local people do relate with them more.

Arun Panwar

Arun Panwar Youtube channel

Number of subscribers – 839K+

Unlike other Youtube channels mentioned above, Arun Panwar has a completely different approach when it comes to content. While it is still very much related to automobiles only, the channel throws much light on not their technical and visual aspects, but overall driving, car delivery, travel and ownership experiences of users and Mr. Arun Panwar himself. The main head handling the channels, Mr. Arun Panwar, is a young BCA student from Haryana, who himself shoots videos in Hindi with minimal mincing to words and content in the videos.

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