2020 Honda Unicorn 160 BS 6: 5 Things To Know
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5 Things To Know About The 2020 Honda Unicorn 160 BS 6



Beginning with the brief history of Unicorn, the bike was launched first in the year 2004 and got appreciated by the masses, which led it to be continued for over a year. Then, Honda decided to replace it with the superior CB Unicorn 160 in 2015. However, the bike couldn’t see the same glorious days and the issues further killed its reputation. Seeing the heavy demand of Unicorn, Honda decided to bring it back and it continued to stay popular and highly desirable. Speaking in terms of sales, the bike is one of the most admired ones and this can be said seeing its sales of over 2.5 million units in its 16 years of existence.

2020 Honda Unicorn 160 BS 6

Honda, however, did not give it the necessary ABS update in 2018 and the motorcycle quietly died. Later, they have to make a decision and that was whether to make the big investment in upgrading the CB Unicorn 150 to BS6 or to give the CB Unicorn 160 a second chance. Their approach was the combination of both that gave existence to the 2020 Honda Unicorn 160 BSVI. Now, let’s take a look at some of its striking and worth knowing details. Check 5 things of 2020 Honda Unicorn 160 BS 6


It Is A New Product

Don’t think 2020 Honda Unicorn 160 BSVI as an upgrade and more competent version of the previous Honda Unicorn. The company used the 162cc engine from the CB Unicorn 160 and installed it in a motorcycle that looks like the old 150. Chassis details are not clear as of now, but it looks like Honda has utilized the main frame from the 160. Why? This is because at 140kg, the new Honda Unicorn is a whole 6kg lighter than the CB Unicorn 150. There are numerous other specifications, for starters, the bike continues to use 18-inch wheels, seat height is identical at 798mm, the wheelbase is also almost identical, and is a good 11mm longer than the CB Unicorn 160. The new Honda Unicorn 160 boasts 187mm of clearance, which is an 8mm increase over the old bike.

Almost Identical To The 150

After facing a negative feedback for the CB Unicorn 160, Honda is being extremely safe here. Zero chances are being taken with the new model. In the first look, you will struggle to see significant differences because the new Honda looks almost identical to its forefather. However, a closer look will tell you that headlamp cowl gets slightly different detailing and the side plastic panels receive a small redesign as well.

Quicker Than Before

Speed is definitely a highlighting point here and something that will impress bike enthusiasts. The 162cc motor in the CB Unicorn 160 produced 14.02hp/ and 13.92Nm, compared to the CB Unicorn 150’s 12.92hp and 12.8Nm. another interesting number to note is that it makes 14Nm of  torque, at the same 5,500rpm as the Unicorn 150 and the figure is higher when compared to other bikes from the same maker.

Low On Features

New bikes that are coming up are usually big on new features; however, this is not the case with this particular model. The changes are very less here such as incorporation of an engine-kill switch and a switch to a DC headlamp. The bike also lacks in a lot of other features that its predecessors used to have.

High In Price

Nearly Rs 13,000 more than the ABS-equipped CB Unicorn 150, the bike is valued at Rs 93,593. The hike is quite too much seeing that you only get improved powertrain and a few more comforts, while the rest of it is same as the previous models.


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