2022 Royal Enfield Scram 411 vs Yezdi Scrambler Compared
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2022 Royal Enfield Scram 411 vs Yezdi Scrambler Compared



Royal Enfield Scram 411 vs Yezdi Scrambler

Not long ago, the category of scramblers was a very niche one in India, which was limited to a couple of expensive and premium offerings from European motorcycle makers. However, the demand for rugged and powerful heavy-duty scramblers has risen in recent times, and it is this rising demand for scramblers, which has led to the introduction of two new very affordable scramblers in just two months.

Say hello to the Royal Enfield Scram 411 and Yezdi Scrambler – two all-new affordable scrambler motorcycles based on different adventure tourers. While the Scram 411 seeks its inspiration from the very popular Royal Enfield Himalayan, the Yezdi Scrambler shares a lot of mechanicals with the Yezdi Adventure. Here we are comparing these two all-new affordable scramblers to find out which one of the two feels more desirable: 


2022 Royal Enfield Scram 411 price in india

There is very little, or should we say the negligible, price difference between the Royal Enfield Scram 411 and the Yezdi Scrambler. Both of these motorcycles are available in a range of colour options, all of which carry their price tags. While the Royal Enfield Scram 411 is priced between Rs 2.03-2.08 lakh, that for the Yezdi Scrambler is Rs 2.05-2.11 lakh.

Variants Royal Enfield Scram 411 Yezdi Scrambler
Price Rs 2.03-2.08 lakh Rs 2.05-2.11 lakh

(Both prices mentioned above are ex-showroom, pan India)

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Engine and Chassis

Yezdi Scrambler prices in india

When it comes to the powertrain, it is the Yezdi Scrambler that impresses more with its more modern approach. While the 334cc engine of the Yezdi Scrambler is smaller than the 411cc engine of the Scram 411, the former has a more advanced double overhead camshaft setup and liquid-cooling, which makes it smoother and refined in comparison. Despite it being a smaller engine, the Yezdi Scrambler produces more power output in comparison, though the torque output is considerably lower. The 6-speed gearbox and twin exhaust setup also make the powertrain of the Yezdi Scrambler feel more desirable.

Coming to the other mechanical setup, both the motorcycles get 41mm hydraulic telescopic forks and 100/90-19 tyre at the front. However, it is towards the rear where the differences start becoming more apparent. While the Royal Enfield Scram 411 has a mono-shock with 120/90-17 rear tyre, the Yezdi Scrambler has slightly more comfortable gas-charged twin coil springs and a fatter 140/70-17 rear tyre. Even the 320 mm front disc brake of the Yezdi Scrambler is bigger than the 300 mm front disc brake of the Royal Enfield Scram 411, though both the motorcycles employ a 240 mm disc at the rear.

Specifications Royal Enfield Scram 411 Yezdi Scrambler
Engine Four-stroke, air cooled, single-cylinder, SOHC, 411cc Four-stroke, liquid cooled, single cylinder, DOHC, 334cc
Power 24.3 bhp 28.8 bhp
Torque 32 Nm 28.2 Nm
Gearbox 5-speed 6-speed
Front suspension 41mm hydraulic telescopic forks 41mm hydraulic telescopic forks
Rear suspension Mono-shock with linkage Gas-charged twin coil springs
Front tyre 100/90-19 100/90-19
Rear tyre 120/90-17 140/70-17
Front brake 300 mm disc 320 mm disc
Rear brake 240 mm disc 240 mm disc


While there is very little to differentiate between the length of both the motorcycles, with the Scram 411 having advantages in length and wheelbase, the Yezdi Scrambler is substantially wider and taller than the Scram 411. The taller overall height also translates to a taller seat height, which can be an issue for shorter riders. The ground clearance of both the motorcycles is identical at 200 mm.

Dimensions Royal Enfield Scram 411 Yezdi Scrambler
Length 2160 mm 2154 mm
Width 840 mm 900 mm
Height 1165 mm 1263 mm
Wheelbase 1455 mm 1403 mm
Kerb weight 185 kg 182 kg
Seat height 795 mm 800 mm
Ground clearance 200 mm 200 mm

Design and Features

While the design is an aspect that is a personal approach, we feel that the Yezdi Scrambler has got an advantage for being a newer and better-equipped motorcycle of the two. While the Royal Enfield Scram 411 was the one that got launched after the Yezdi Scrambler, the former is based on the Royal Enfield Himalayan, which has been in the market for almost half a decade now.

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 shares its rounded headlamp, fuel tank, side body panels and front and rear fenders with the Himalayan, but gets a lowered handlebar, smaller front wheel, single-piece long seat, quirky-looking headlamp cowl and a new single-pod instrument console, which is a part-digital unit.

In comparison to the Scram 411, the Yezdi Scrambler feels like a newer motorcycle with a more rugged and purposeful looking styling, and more modern bits like an LED headlamp, LED turn indicators, LED tail lamp, twin exhaust setup, USB charger and a fully-digital single-pod instrument console.

Both the motorcycles get purposeful looking spoke wheels with off-road spec dual-purpose tyres at both ends, though the Yezdi Scrambler has a fatter rear tyre which adds to its visual appeal. Other visual bits which add to the purposeful design of the Yezdi Scrambler are a high-mounted additional front fender, chopped rear fender and rear tyre hugger. Both the motorcycles are available with a choice of funky-looking single-tone and dual-tone colour options, while a Bluetooth-operated navigation pod is available as an option in both motorcycles.


The Yezdi Scrambler is marginally more expensive than the Royal Enfield Scram 411. However, the price premium which it carries is definitely worth the additional benefits it is offering in its overall package. The Yezdi Scrambler gets a more modern instrument console and lights all around, a fatter rear tyre, bigger front disc brake and a couple of more features over the Scram 411. However, if you ask us, it is the more modern mechanical setup for the powertrain of the Yezdi Scrambler, with dual overhead camshaft and liquid-cooling, which take the piece of cake.

That doesn’t mean that the Royal Enfield Scram 411 is an inferior motorcycle. It has strong genes derived from the Royal Enfield Himalayan, which has improved massively in all these years. It’s just that the Yezdi Scrambler feels like a better motorcycle in every design and mechanical aspect.


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