Aprilia SR 150 Review, Price, Mileage, Specs & Colours
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Aprilia SR 150 Review, Price, Specifications, Mileage, Pros & Cons



Read about Aprilia SR 150. Know its details like engine & performance, price, ride & handling, mileage etc.

Aprilia SR 150 Review

With the SR 150, it was Aprilia which gave Indians a taste of what the performance-oriented scooters actually are. Sure, we had a couple of such scooters in the history before, but then, no one offered the versatility and crackling performance which Aprilia SR 150 offers. With a motorcycle like design and performance to match, the SR 150 has shown that there is a scope for such scooters in the Indian market, which is why other manufacturers in the market are now following this path and coming up with their own options. And to the top of it, with the SR 150, you get an entry ticket to the brand ‘Aprilia’, which was earlier synonymous only with high end liter class sportsbikes only.

So, what are those aspects which make the SR 150 different from all the scooters out there in the market? Let’s find out.

Looks and Design

With a sharp, edgy and pointy design with a lean overall profile, the Aprilia SR 150 is a huge departure from all the otherwise conventionally styled bulky looking scooters. The SR 150’s design has a European feel to it, which somehow is lacked by all the other traditional scooters in the market.

The highlight of the frontal stance of the SR 150 is the sleek looking pointy front apron, which unlike most of the scooters, comes equipped with dual headlamps in the midst of it. And the drama doesn’t stops here, as the SR 150 has another distinct design element in the form of clear lens blinkers mounted on the handlebar. This overall setup gives the SR 150 a unique and sporty stance. Apart from these distinct design elements, the SR 150’s sporty stance is further accentuated by the large 14-inch wheels adorned with a very short front fender.

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The side profile of the SR 150 is evenly sporty as the frontal stance, with the side body panels having an air of sleekness to it. The panels appear as if they have been lifted off from the center, in the same fashion as in most of the motorcycles. This overall design layout makes the SR 150 look sleek and very much motorcycle-like. However, that doesn’t mean that the SR 150 has sacrificed on the front of practicality, as the scooter comes with the common bits such as an underseat storage capacity of 18 liters and a luggage hook mounted on the front apron. However, we would have liked to see multifunctional key hole and small storage space on the front apron. The single piece seat is large enough to easily seat two adults in comfort.

At the rear, the SR 150 looks very much minimalist, with a pointy rear panel ending up with an LED tail lamp and split pillion grab rails over it, giving it a distinct appeal over other scooters. Just like the front, the rear of the SR 150 too has a unique design element in the form of fender mounted turn indicators, just like on a motorcycle.

The one disappointing aspect on this otherwise uniquely styled scooter is the overall layout of the instrument console. It is an all analog unit with a very plain-jane appeal to it – two circular all analog pods with one for the speedometer and odometer and the other for fuel gauge. The overall design looks very basic, and we would have definitely liked a digital unit here.

Engine and Performance

A dramatic looking scooter deserves an equally action filled heart, and thankfully, the Aprilia SR 150 gets one. At the heart of this scooter is a four stroke, single cylinder, 3-valve, air cooled, 150cc engine. This is not an all new engine, as we have already witnessed it on the Vespa VXL 150. However, this engine has been tuned here to extract optimal performance from it. The engine is good enough to produce a maximum power output of 11 PS and a peak torque output of 10.9 Nm, making the SR 150 the most powerful scooter one can buy in India today. Like all the scooters, this engine is mated to a CVT-transmission. These figures do indicate that the SR 150 offers best in class performance and acceleration numbers. And with a real world fuel economy of 40-45kmpl, it is easily the most economic Aprilia one can buy in India.

Engine & specifications

Parameters Aprilia SR 150 Aprilia SR 150 RACE
Displacement 154.8cc, 4 stroke 154.8cc, 4 stroke
Maximum Power 10.06hp at 6750rpm 10.06hp at 6750rpm
Maximum Torque 10.9Nm at 5000rpm 10.9Nm at 5000rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5-litre 6.5-litre
Front Suspension Hydraulic double-telescopic fork Hydraulic double-telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Hydraulic adjustable shock absorber Hydraulic adjustable shock absorber
Front Brake 220mm disc with twin-piston caliper 220mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake Drum 140mm Drum 140mm
Front Tyre Tubeless 120/70 – 14inch Tubeless 120/70 – 14inch
Rear Tyre Tubeless 120/70 – 14inch Tubeless 120/70 – 14inch

Ride and Handling

A powerful engine is a half-hearted attempt if it is not complemented with equally well deserving riding manners. Here too, the SR 150 has managed to break the common notions. The SR 150 has got the most sorted out suspension system with hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and a single sided hydraulic coil spring at the rear, which are further complemented with 14-inch alloy wheels at both the ends – the largest an Indian scooter has ever got. This entire chassis setup gives the SR 150 an exceptional balance of ride quality and handling which easily no other scooter can match. The braking setup too is quite impressive with a 220mm disc brake at the front and a 140mm drum brake at the rear, with enough bite to bring this pocket rocket to a halt with ease.

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Amidst the crowd of 110cc and 125cc scooters, the SR 150 comes as a distinct choice, but then, it is not the lone player in the ground, as it has its own distant cousin, the Vespa VXL 150, as its only competitor right now. However, both the scooters are widely different from each other. While the SR 150 has a loud, aggressive and sporty appeal in its overall design, the Vespa VXL 150 looks quite subtle and chic with a retro appeal in its design. Both the scooters have got the same 150cc engine from the same Piaggio family, however, it is the engine and power delivery of the SR 150 which feels more quick and responsive, though, a major credit of this goes to the lower kerb weight of the SR 150. Also, with bigger wheels and better suspension setup, the SR 150 feels more agile to ride, however, the overall ride comfort is softer on the Vespa.


If you are out for a sports-oriented scooter, with the aspect of pure performance and sporty riding dynamics as the most preferred aspects, the SR 150 is the one which deserves to be in the topmost position of your choices. With the most powerful engine in its class and very well balance chassis, the SR 150 offers you the dynamics and mannerisms of an entry level sportsbike, and with a justifiable price tag, it is easy to live with too. However, there are a couple of shortcomings here too, with limited storage spaces, lack of cosmetic features and basic looking instrument panel. But if you can live with these negatives and have a focus purely on riding dynamics, the Aprilia SR 150 is the one scooter to go for.

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