BMW M1000RR - The Best From BMW Motorrad Becomes Even Better
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BMW M1000RR – The Best From BMW Motorrad Becomes Even Better



2021 BMW M1000RR Price in India

If you thought that BMW Motorrad has given all it had in with the S1000RR, think again. One of the best liter class super sport motorcycles in the world, the BMW S1000RR has got even more aggressive and premium avatar, the M1000RR. The BMW M1000RR is the first ever motorcycle to roll out from BMW’s M division, which till date was known only for making performance-oriented cars and SUVs.

Here are some highlights of the BMW M1000RR which you should be aware of:

Design – Based on S1000RR, but clearly looks more aggressive

2021 BMW M1000RR Design

The overall stance and design of the BMW M1000RR is exactly similar to that of the S1000RR. However, BMW has ensured that the motorcycle looks like a proper more premium and sportier avatar of the latter. While the front fairing, fuel tank and body panels have been shared between the two, the BMW M1000RR gets carbon fiber winglets (M-winglets) and an M-sport tricolor paint scheme of blue, red and white. The 6.5-inch TFT instrument console of the S1000RR is retained here, though it now comes with a different welcome animation with M logo.

Engine – Weight-saving measures play their part here

2021 BMW M1000RR Engine

The BMW M1000RR retains the four-stroke, liquid cooled, inline four, 999cc engine of the S1000RR. However, there are a number of weight-saving measures taken by BMW in the internals of the engine. These changes include new two-ring forged pistons, longer and lighter titanium connecting rods, slimmer and lighter rocker arms, revised intake port geometry and titanium valves for the exhaust port.

All these measures, along with a higher compression ratio of 13.5:1, make the engine more powerful here, with the maximum power output rated at 212 bhp @ 14,500 rpm. The maximum torque remains more or less same at 113 Nm. The 0-100 kmph sprint of 3.1 seconds is quicker, while the top speed of 306 kmph too is higher, when compared to the S1000RR.

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Mechanical Hardware – Extensive changes carried here as well

2021 BMW M1000RR

Like in the engine, BMW Motorrad has made extensive changes to the chassis of the M1000RR as well, when compared to the S1000R. Here in the M1000RR, the frame is made up of aluminium. In addition to this, the other changes are revised steering geometry with flatter steering head angle of 66.4 degrees, longer wheelbase at 1457mm due to longer swingarm and reduced front fork offset at 26.5mm. Even the braking setup is more premium here, with lighter calipers and thicker discs, with the former finished in M-division blue color theme.

List of electronic riding aids and features – Easily the best a super sport motorcycle has got till date

BMW M1000RR Riding Aids and Features

There is a solid reason why the BMW M1000RR is priced almost double to that of S1000RR. Apart from numerous weight saving measures, the BMW M1000RR also boasts of a rich set of electronic riding aids. The standard package of the BMW M1000RR includes ABS Pro, seven ride modes (Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race, Race Pro 1, Race Pro 2 and Race Pro 3), pit lane limiter, launch control, dynamic traction control, up and down quickshifter, wheelie control, slide control, hill start control pro, dynamic brake control and shift assist pro.

The more premium Competition variant also adds in more features under an M Competition package. This consists of M Brake lever, M Clutch lever, M Brake lever guard, M Rider footrest, M Engine protector, M carbon parts, M GPS laptrigger, M endurance chain and passenger seat cover.

Pricing and Competition – Belongs to an altogether different league

BMW Motorrad has made the M1000RR available in India in two different variants – Standard and Competition. While the Standard variant is priced at Rs. 42 lakh, the more premium Competition variant with extra bells and whistles mentioned above will set you back by Rs. 45 lakh.

At these prices, the BMW M1000RR belongs to a super exclusive brigade, making it a motorcycle which is meant for not all, but super elite people. The only motorcycle which carries a similar level of finesse is Ducati Panigale V4 S, though it is priced much lower than it. There is a more super-elusive Kawasaki Ninja H2R in its radar, which however is only meant to be ridden as a track-only superbike.


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