Interesting Facts You Must Know About The All New Suzuki Hayabusa
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Interesting Facts You Must Know About The All New Suzuki Hayabusa



Interesting Facts You Must Know About The All New Suzuki Hayabusa

The Suzuki Hayabusa is back, and how! The new third generation model might have taken its own sweet of time, but it is here now and has rewritten the rule book with a whole range of enhancements to its overall package. Following are the key impressive facts which you must know about the Suzuki Hayabusa in general – both pervious and current models: 

It Packs in Much More Electronic Riding Aids Than Ever Before

Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 Features

The new third generation Suzuki Hayabusa might not be as extremely feature-rich or tech-laden as many of the European motorcycles from bike makers like Ducati, BMW and Triumph. However, the new Suzuki Hayabusa has been equipped with many new features which were never there in it, like 6-axis IMU unit, 10-level traction control, ride by wirewheelie control, three new power modes (active, basic and comfort), 3-level launch control, 3-level engine braking control, 2-level quickshifter, cruise control and hill hold control.

The Engine is ‘All New’ From The Inside

Suzuki Hayabusa Design and Features

The four-stroke, inline four, liquid cooled, fuel injected, 1340cc of the Suzuki Hayabusa might seem like as if it is the same engine from the second generation Hayabusa. However, Suzuki has extensively reworked the engine with new parts, which has made it lighter and much more responsive than ever before. The engine now comes with new pistons, connecting rods, new cam chain tensioner and new oil passages, all of which work together to make the engine feel much more responsive, despite a substantial drop in maximum power output.

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It Features All New Bodywork

Suzuki Hayabusa Review

The new third generation Suzuki Hayabusa might not look extensively different from its predecessor from a distance. But move closer, and you will find that while the original silhouette has remained unchanged, the design in actual isn’t. All the body panels are completely redesigned, which make the new Hayabusa much sleeker than ever before. In addition to these, the new Suzuki Hayabusa also gets LED lighting all around and new TFT MID screen in its instrument console, which further make it feel a modern day motorcycle. 

Broke The Speed Records at The Time of Its First Launch Ever

Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 launched india

When the Suzuki Hayabusa was launched for the first time back in 1999, it shattered the top speed record of all the production spec motorcycles. The first generation Suzuki Hayabusa was claimed to have a top speed of 312 kmph, which was much more than what all of its competitors were claiming at that time. However, for promoting safe riding on roads and to avoid any further more unnecessary competitiveness, a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ was created to cap the top speed of all production motorcycles till 300 kmph. Following this, Suzuki too put a limited in the Hayabusa as well.

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Still One of The Fastest Accelerating Motorcycles in The World

The Suzuki Hayabusa, in this third generation model, might not be the most powerful motorcycle on sale out there, with many liter class motorcycles now producing much more power output than it. However, the engine is still strong enough to catapult the Suzuki Hayabusa from standstill to 100 kmph mark in just 3.2 seconds. This makes the new Suzuki Hayabusa still rank in one of the fastest accelerating motorcycles currently available.

Much More Than Speed Machine

Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 launched in India

Unlike other sport motorcycles with engines of 1,000cc and above, mostly focusing in super sport category, the Suzuki Hayabusa is in a league of its own. The Hayabusa features a low slung design with a low seat height and well-placed controls, which are focused more on the aspect of touring for long distances. This makes the Suzuki Hayabusa one of the most comfortable long distance tourers which can double up as a track tool as and when required. It is this versatility of the Suzuki Hayabusa which is found in none of the other superbikes out there.

Highest Selling Superbike of India

After featuring in a certain Bollywood movie, the popularity of Suzuki Hayabusa started reaching new heights. So much, that the Hayabusa started selling like hot cakes when the second generation model was launched in India. This prompted Suzuki to locally assemble the Hayabusa in India, which lowered the asking price even more. Though the new third generation model is being imported in India, the popularity has risen even higher, with the first lot of 100 bikes sold out in 2 days and the next lot of 100 bikes in a very short span of just 2 hours!

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Great Aerodynamic Design

Great Aerodynamic Design

The overall design of all the three generations of the Suzuki Hayabusa might not be the most beautiful ones when compared to the edgy and much sportier looking liter class supersports. The bulky visual appeal of the Hayabusa might create an impression of a not so agile motorcycle. However, thanks to its excellent aerodynamic design, the Suzuki Hayabusa has achieved a drag co-efficient of just 0.27, which is one of the lowest in the automotive industry. This makes the Suzuki Hayabusa supremely capable of staying planted on corners and stretches despite being a large and heavy motorcycle.

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Its Engine Has Been Used in Cars As Well

The four stroke, liquid cooled, fuel injected, 1299cc inline four engine of the first generation Suzuki Hayabusa was the first ever motorcycle engine to feature in cars as well. The Westfield Megabusa, which was inspired from Lotus Seven, was powered by this very engine. In addition to this, Suzuki’s four wheeler division itself employed this engine in its concept cars like Suzuki GSX-R/4 and Formula Hayabusa back in 2001. Suzuki tested the potential of this engine in cars through these concept cars. However, none of these two cars made their way to the final production line.

It Has Been Used for Police Patrolling Too

Apart from charming the motorcycling enthusiasts all around the world, the Suzuki Hayabusa even managed to fancy the police forces as well. Back in 2006, the government of Oklahoma state in the United States of America added a unit of Suzuki Hayabusa as a pursuit vehicle for highway patrolling. The bike was customized a bit with police siren, radar unit and official livery of police. The positive response led to inclusion of two more Hayabusas in their lineup of patrolling motorcycles. In addition to this, the police of Humberside in UK too added Hayabusa as their undercover means on wheels.


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