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Hyundai Creta vs Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs Ford EcoSport



Here’s the detailed comparison of Hyundai Creta, Maruti Suzuki Brezza and Ford EcoSport.

Hyundai Creta vs Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs Ford EcoSport

After Renault Duster introduced the Indian car market to an entirely new segment of compact SUV, every carmaker decided to bring in their own offering to get a piece of that market. India’s largest carmaker introduced the Vitara Brezza compact SUV recently and Hyundai introduced its premium contender in form of Creta. The original rival to Renault Duster was the Ford EcoSport which upon its introduction had a waiting period which ranged well over 9 months. In the following comparison, we will see how these rivals fair against one another.


Whilst Ford EcoSport and Maruti Suzuki Brezza both fall under the sub 4-meter segment, Hyundai Creta is comparatively longer and is 4270 mm in length. The widest of the three compact SUVs is Marty Suzuki Brezza and Ford EcoSport is the tallest of the three cars. Ford EcoSport also gets the highest ground clearance followed by Brezza which falls short only by 2 mm. Hyundai Creta is offered with a lower suspension travel which stands at 190 mm.

Dimensions Hyundai Creta Maruti Suzuki Brezza Ford EcoSport
Length 4270mm 3995mm 3998mm
Width 1780mm 1790mm 1765mm
Height 1630mm 1640mm 1647mm
Wheelbase 2590mm 2500 2519mm
Ground clearance 190mm 198mm 200mm

Engine comparison

Petrol Engine

Maruti Suzuki Brezza does not come with a petrol variant yet, which is why it will sit out of this comparison of Patrol engine options. Ford EcoSport is powered by a 1.5L engine which produces 121.36 BHP of peak power output and 150 NM of torque. Hyundai Creta is powered by a 1.6L motor which also produces the same power figures as Ford EcoSport but the Korean SUV produces 151 NM of torque. Both cars are available with automatic as well as manual gearbox variants.

The automatic Ford EcoSport model offers 14.8 kmpl of fuel economy and the manual model comes with 17 kmpl. In comparison, Hyundai Creta is less Frugal as the manual model only offers 15.2 9 kmpl and the automatic variant gets a fuel economy stat of 13kmpl.

Petrol Hyundai Creta Maruti Suzuki Brezza Ford EcoSport
Engines 1.6L N/A 1.5L
Power 121.3bhp N/A 121.36bhp
Torque 151Nm N/A 150Nm
Transmission MT/AT N/A AT/MT
Mileage 15.29kmpl/13kmpl N/A 14.8kmpl/17.0kmpl

Diesel Engine

Hyundai Creta is offered with two diesel engine options- 1.4L and 1.6L CRDi units. The 1.4-liter motor produces 88.7 BHP of power and the bigger 1.6-liter motor produces 126.2 BHP of power. The 1.6-liter diesel variant is the most powerful of the three cars, but the 1.3-liter motor produces similar figures as the 1.3-litre engine found in Maruti Suzuki Brezza.

This makes the 1.5-liter diesel engine in Ford EcoSport the second most powerful of the three cars. Ford EcoSport and Maruti Suzuki Brezza are only available with manual gearboxes whereas the diesel models of Hyundai Creta also get an option of automatic transmission.

The 1.6-liter automatic diesel in the Creta offers a fuel economy of 17.01 kmpl whereas the standard manual 1.6-liter motor gets a Superior 19.6 7 kmpl fuel economy stat. The smaller 1.4-liter motor offers a fuel economy of 21.38 kmpl. The most frugal offering in the segment is Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza which gets a fuel economy stat of 24.3 kmpl followed by Ford EcoSport which stands at 23kmpl.

Diesel Hyundai Creta Maruti Suzuki Brezza Ford EcoSport
Engines 1.4L/1.6L 1.3L 1.5L
Power 88.7bhp/126.2bhp 88.5bhp 98.6bhp
Torque 219Nm/259.9Nm 200Nm 205Nm
Transmission MT/AT MT MT
Mileage 21.38kmpl(1.4L)/19.67kmpl(1.6L)/17.01kmpl 24.3kmpl 23.0kmpl


Maruti Suzuki Brezza with its diesel-only variant still manages to be the cheapest of the three cars with its price range starting from Rs. 7.28 lakh for the base model and Rs. 9.95 lakh for the top of the line variant. Ford EcoSport comes in a close second with a price range of Rs. 7.82 – 11.36 lakh and keeping in line with true Hyundai tradition of pricing their cars at a premium is the most expensive car in this comparison, Creta. Even the base petrol model Hyundai Creta features a price tag of Rs. 9.29 lakh which is relatively close to the top-end Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza model.

Hyundai Creta Maruti Suzuki Brezza Ford EcoSport
Rs. 9.29-14.6 Lakh Rs. 7.28-9.95 Lakh Rs. 7.82-11.36lakh


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