Talented Duke University Lads Made A Speeding One-Wheel Motorcycle!
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Talented Duke University Lads Made A Speeding One-Wheel Motorcycle!



Duke University engineering students mull to make Guinness World Record.

No matter how inconceivable a task looks, if you have the courage and faith in yourself everything is achievable. The mechanical engineering branch students from Duke University did just that. They got together to make the world’s fastest monowheel – the EV360. The enthusiastic core team of five people was able to build the electric monowheel in a year. The most interesting fact about this creation is that everything used in its construction was built at Duke University’s Innovation Co-Lab.

The Innovation Co-Lab provided them with every necessary tool right from a piece of metal to 3D printed mechanical parts.

Duke University Build Worlds Fastest Monowheel Motorcycle

The monowheel has a maximum speed limit of over 72.5 kilometer per hour. It is 5-feet tall and 2-feet wide and can carry an average-weighed suited driver. The battery capacity is not known yet. They are attempting the Guinness World Records for the fastest electric monowheel in the world. However, the motivated team is also looking forward to trying their luck at being the fastest overall monowheel on earth. Currently, the world speed record is 98 kmph.

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Although it was a challenging project and was supported by many students and faculty members of the university, the core team numbers remained as 5. It comprises of Anuj Thakkar, Engineer Ahmed Ahmed-Fouad, Engineer Francisco Romano, Team Lead & Engineer Carlo Lindner and Lead Cinematographer Jolán von Plutzner, Engineer.

Often innovations push the envelope and make the world a better place to live. Automobiles are an integral part of our lives; if such innovations are groomed with a sustenance model, it could help mobility become cheaper in the coming years.

A big thumbs-up to Duke University for nurturing such talent from CarBikeIndia.

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