Podbike Frikar (unique electric bike car) Receives Green Signal for Europe
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Podbike Frikar (unique electric bike car) Receives Green Signal for Europe



Podbike Frikar price in india

Norwegian electric mobility startup Podbike has geared up the development of its first-ever electric bike car, the Frikar. The startup has just raised funding of €3.2 million and has announced that the deliveries of Podbike Frikar will begin in the second half of 2022.

Podbike has already received 3,400 bookings for the Frikar, the booking amount of which was set at €300. Priced at €6,429, the Podbike Frikar will be first delivered to the customers of Norway, which will be followed by deliveries in Germany.

Podbike Frikar – What it’s all about?

Podbike Frikar features

The Podbike Frikaris a unique bike car, having a single-seater cabin, which offers added practicality and all-weather protection as compared to a conventional two-wheeler. While this bike car is available as a single-seater vehicle, one can fit in a small child seat in its boot compartment of 160 litres. Thanks to its rounded design, the Podbike Frikar offers an aerodynamic advantage over a two-wheeler. The bike car has a removable top, which offers an open-top motoring experience that can be best enjoyed while driving in the summers.

The European market will get the Podbike Frikar as an electric bicycle, which can be driven in bicycle-specific lanes. Like a bicycle, it has functional pedals which power a generator, that transfers the power to the twin electric motors mounted on the rear wheels via a drive-by-wire system. The standard package of the Podbike Frikar includes an adjustable seat and foot pedals, LED headlamps, tail lamps and turn indicators, single rearview mirror. For a premium of €650, the Podbike Frikar can be equipped with additional features like a more premium interior upholstery, additional rearview mirror, air fan, interior lighting, security alarm and side pockets.

Podbike Frikar – Mechanical specifications

Podbike hasn’t disclosed the maximum power output of its dual-motor setup. However, the Norwegian startup is claiming a maximum top speed of 25 kmph. Podbike says that it has restricted the top speed to 25 kmph due to European electric bicycle regulations. However, the company also indicated that while the speed of one motor is fixed to operate till 25 kmph, the second motor can be spun faster than the rated speed depending on how fast you pedal the bike car. This is a possible thing if the pedals were connected directly to the wheels via a mechanical powertrain.

The Podbike Frikar also gets a 0.877 kWh lithium-ion battery, which is big enough to provide a maximum riding range of 50-80 km. However, for those who are looking out for having more riding range, the Podbike Frikar can be equipped with a second battery. Both these batteries are removable, which means that the Frikar can either be charged with the batteries installed in it, or the batteries can be charged at your home with the possibility of remote charging.

Podbike Frikar – Will it come to India?

The Podbike Frikar is an electric bicycle that has been designed and engineered keeping in mind only the European electric bicycle regulations. This means that the Podbike Frikar will not be sold outside Europe, which gives it a red signal for India.


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