Ather Electric Scooters: All You Need To Know About EV Scooter Range!
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Ather Electric Scooters: From 450 Series To Rizta, Entire Lineup is Covered!



Know all about the exciting range of EVs by Ather Energy, from the top speed to what an exceptional technology update it has brought. Check out Ather Scooters linup here!

Ather Electric Scooters 450 Series To Rizta Lineup

Ather Energy has continuously led the way in the rapidly changing field of urban mobility, changing public perceptions about electric scooters in the process. From the revolutionary introduction of the 450 Series to the most recent technological marvel, the sophisticated Rizta, Ather’s journey epitomizes creativity, sustainability, and an unwavering quest for perfection. Ather Electric Scooters have the interesting Ather 450 series, these electronic scooters are elegant in appearance and blessed with remarkable performance that has transformed the electric vehicle segment of the automobile industry. When the 450 Series was introduced, it was much more than anyone could expect with its innovation, high tech, powerful motor, long-range capabilities, and user-friendly smart features.

Moreover, the new addition Ritza by Ather is no less of an electronic scooter. It is as robust as any other with additional amazing features you can slay with.

Ather Electric Scooter Range

1. 450 S

Ather Electric Scooters: From 450 Series To Rizta The Entire Lineup Covered!

Price – Rs. 1.15 lakhs (ex-showroom)

Top Speed 90 km/hr
Range 115 km/charge
Charge time 6 hr 36 mins
Warranty period 3 years or 30,000 km

The Ather 450S is a perfect blend of a future where sustainability and innovation evidently coexist. Riding from point A to point B while enjoying your journey with maximizing efficiency, environmental friendliness, and divine performance. With the Ather 450S, are you prepared to ride the wave of the future? Awaiting you is your next adventure!

One can also find all the details related to rides on their smartphones with these smart EVs. With several features tailored for today’s riders, the Ather 450S is an impressive EV two-wheeler. Superior control and safety are guaranteed by the combined braking system, and you can stay informed about every aspect of your vehicle with the digital speedometer, odometer, and trip meter. Your scooter smoothly connects to your digital life with Bluetooth and WiFi, making every trip more intelligent and social.

2. 450 X

Ather Electric Scooters: From 450 Series To Rizta The Entire Lineup Covered!

Price – Rs. 1.55 lakhs (ex-showroom)

Top Speed 80 km/hr
Range 150 km/charge
Charge time 5 hr 45 mins
Warranty period 5 years or 60,000 km

Recently, the electric scooter market has been on fire, with the Ather 450X at the forefront Ather has a masterpiece of high tech available, basically the trump card. This amazing gadget is a symbol of productivity, innovation, and a sustainable future in style. It’s not just your average scooter rather a whole range of must-have essentials.

Ather 450X with its great technological advancement enhances connectivity, and safety, and is quite easy to use. It is intended for riders who are tech-savvy to slay with it while you save a lot with it. Moreover, the integrated braking system ensures better control, and the digital displays let you know about the statistics related to your voyage with just a click. Because the Ather 450X is always ready to go, its fast charging features reduce downtime and extend your travel time.

3. 450 Apex

Ather Electric Scooters: From 450 Series To Rizta The Entire Lineup Covered!

Price – Rs. 1.95 lakhs (ex-showroom)

Top Speed 100 km/hr
Range 157 km/charge
Charge time 5 hr 45 mins
Warranty period 5 years or 60,000 km

With so many features, the Ather 450 Apex is a pleasure to ride. For improved stability and control, a combined braking system is used. It has a built-in charging port and gets charged quickly with its amazing capabilities, charging is a breeze.

Moreover, it has great Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, so you can stay in touch while on the go. You can stay informed about your travels with the trip meter, odometer, and digital speedometer, and visibility is guaranteed in all weather conditions with the LED tail light. Despite the absence of a conventional fuel gauge, the extensive digital displays provide you with up-to-date information on all critical indicators.

4. Rizta

Ather Electric Scooters: From 450 Series To Rizta The Entire Lineup Covered!

Price – Rs. 1.45 lakhs (ex-showroom)

Top Speed 90 km/hr
Range 160 km/charge
Charge time 6 hr 10 mins
Warranty period 3 years or 30,000 km

With its seamless integration with modern lifestyles, the Ather Rizta sets a new benchmark in connectivity. Thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, motorcyclists can stay connected while on the road. A specialized mobile application allows them to receive important vehicle updates and diagnostics. A thorough riding experience is ensured by the digital speedometer, odometer, and trip meter, which deliver real-time information at a glance.

With the seamless convergence of performance, design, and connection, the Ather Rizta represents a paradigm shift in the field of electric scooter technology. It appeals to the discriminating preferences of riders who are concerned about the environment in addition to meeting the practical needs of urban commuters. The Ather Rizta, with its remarkable range, clever features, and strong warranties, is proof of Ather Energy’s dedication to leading the way in sustainable transportation solutions.

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