Renault Triber RXL Long-Term Review After 10,000 Kilometers of Drive!
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Renault Triber RXL Long-Term Review – How Does the MPV Perform After 10,000 Kilometers!



Read this long-term review of Renault Triber MPV as we have answered the common questions asked by car buyers, including:

  • Is Renault Triber good to buy?
  • Is Renault Triber underpowered? 
  • Is Renault Triber good for long drive? 
  • What is the real mileage of Renault Triber? 
  • What is the service cost of Renault Triber (1st and 2nd services charges)?

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Renault Triber made its striking debut in the Indian car market in August 2019. The MPV tagged at a mere price of Rs 4.95 lakh (ex-showroom) at the time of launch attracted the automobile aficionados and the buyers with its pumped-up size, breathtaking looks, various first-in-segment features, and off-course the proposed value for money factor.

Since Renault Triber has been in the market for a while now, we did a reality check of its RXL variant that completed more than 10,000 kilometers of run. To mention, RXL is the 2nd base model and though it lacks some features as compared to the top-end trims, the specifications of RXL and the rest of the variants remain the same. All the variants of Renault Triber come linked to a manual transmission, however, an AMT option is also there for convenience seekers.

So now, let’s help you with some very important and honest insights about the mass appealing MPV, the Renault Triber.

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How is Renault Triber in terms of features?

Renault Triber Features

Many of you might have this question about the Renault Triber MPV – How’s it in terms of features? We believe that Triber is one of the most feature-rich offerings in the segment. Features such as dual front airbags, rear parking sensors, cool storage box near the gearbox, tilt steering wheel, 2nd and 3rd row AC vents, Bluetooth connectivity with call receiving and dialing feature, detachable 3rd-row seats, LED instrument cluster, etc. are offered in 3 out 4 variants of Triber as a standard offering (base trim RXE misses a few of these). This means that the car is worth the purchase if you talk about its features.

Besides what we mentioned above, you get a ground clearance of 182 mm, seats for 7 passengers (practically fits 7 adults comfortably), option to increase the boot space to 320 litres (under 6-seater condition) and 625 litres (under 5-seater condition), and a fairly good road view from the driver’s seat.

In long term, you will really appreciate the ground clearance of this car, which feels abundant when you’re driving the car on roads full of potholes and speed breakers.

How are the interior comforts of Renault Triber MPV?

Renault Triber Interior Features Comforts

Interiors of Renault Triber are roomier and unlike the Datsun Go Plus, which can be called its only rival so far, the Triber gets plastics and upholstery of very good quality. The room in all 3 rows is appreciable.

Renault Triber interior comfort

While driving with 5+2 passengers you’d not feel that the 3rd row is too squeezed. In fact, the 2nd-row seat that occupies two passengers (not the one that rolls to create an entry for 3rd-row passengers) can be slided to create more room in the 3rd row, balancing the comforts of the passengers evenly in the cabins.

How are the looks of Renault Triber?

Renault Triber Customer Review Feedback

Talking about the looks of Renault Triber, we must say that Renault Triber owners are been praised for their choice of buying an attractive MPV. Well, that’s a general opinion the Triber MPV owners hear from the onlookers.

We think that the Renault Triber comes with a distinct charisma to create its own identity on the roads. Minor detailings in the exterior make the car look appealing. The sweptback headlights, eagle beak tail lamps, attractive bumpers, 3-lined chrome strips, or the stylish-looking wheel covers (literally can deceive your eyes and convenience you that they are alloys), are some impressive highlights of the Triber’s exterior.

Besides this, the Triber doesn’t look like a budget car at all. It gets a beefed-up profile. Especially, the front makes it look like a large-sized SUV. What adds more to its appeal is the increased ground clearance that elevates the overall stance of the car, making it look SUVish.

What is the maintenance cost of Renault Triber?

Renault Triber RXL Long-Term Review

People who are planning to buy Renault Triber are likely to consider the maintenance part. The Renault Triber RXL that completed 10,000 plus kilometers, got serviced twice. For the first and second services of Renault Triber, the costs were close to Rs 3600 and Rs 4500 respectively. The services were free and only the prices of engine oil and other minor add ons were paid.

If you look at a car of this size, the service costs are nominal. In the near future too, the service charges are expected to remain nominal.

What is the mileage of Renault Triber under practical conditions?

Renault Triber Long-Term Review

Mileage is another very important aspect of this car. Generally, car buyers aren’t convinced with the ARAI mileage figures. Hence, we are sharing the mileage of Renault Triber observed during its long run of 10,000 kilometers, under practical conditions.

Renault Triber delivers the mileage of 11-13 kmpl in city conditions and on the highways, the mileage of this car is around 17-19 kmpl. To mention, after the 2nd service of the car, you can experience an increase of 1 to 2 kmpl in the overall car’s mileage.

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Is Renault Triber good for a long drive?

Renault Triber Performance City Highways

Since Renault Triber is a car with 7 seating option, some people might consider it as a cheaper substitute to the likes of Maruti Ertiga and Toyota Innova Crysta. Also, there can be expectations from Triber to be a preference for long tours.

Hence, if the buyers think that the Renault Triber is good for long drives, let’s say that it isn’t a car made for very long tours with 7 passengers. Yes, you can certainly go for nearby city tours and can also manage to visit weekend destinations, but if you’re thinking that it would run smoothly on a stretch of over 500 kilometers with 7 passengers, then the answer is no. There would be practical issues in reference to performance and also luggage storage. Remember, when all 7 seats are occupied the bootspace of Renault Triber is almost nil. Yes, you can think of the branded roof carrier as an alternate to luggage storage, but that additional weight of luggage on the roof carrier will further increase the load, thus impacting the performance.

Yes, with 5 passengers (normal luggage loaded) or 6 passengers (minimal luggage loaded), the Triber MPV will be a decent car to drive on long journeys.

Is Renault Triber underpowered?

This question has been often asked on various forums and needs to be answered with full honesty. Renault Triber gets a 3-cylinder, 1.0-litre petrol engine that churns 72PS of peak power and 96Nm of peak torque.

This engine feels a little underpowered while driving with 7 passengers. On higher rpm levels, you won’t feel it, but yes when you do the gearshifts between 3rd to 5th gear at a times you might feel a little lag in power supply to the wheels. Also, while overtaking with 7 passengers on the highways, the car may feel a little underpowered. Otherwise, if you are driving it with 5 passengers, you will not feel the underpower issue much.

Is Renault Triber good to buy?

Is Renault Triber good to buy

Is Renault Triber a good car? This question is obvious from those who are planning to buy this MPV in the near future.

In our analysis, we found that Renault Triber is a value for money car with lots of advanced features equipped. The car is roomy and can be taken to nearby tours with 7 passengers and can also be considered as a good option for long tours with 5 passengers accommodated.

However, performance-wise, you may at a times feel that there is a little lag, especially while driving with full load and on hilly terrains. Otherwise, yes, mileage-wise, maintenance-wise and on various other parameters, we found Renault Triber worth the money!

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