Rolls Royce Phantom vs Rolls Royce Ghost – Which One of The Two is Worth The Huge Sum of Money They Command?
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Rolls Royce Phantom vs Rolls Royce Ghost – Which One of The Two is Worth The Huge Sum of Money They Command?



Rolls Royce has two crowned jewels in the form of Phantom and Ghost. One is definitely the larger and more expensive of the two. Which one is worth the fortune? Here’s the answer!

Rolls Royce Phantom vs Rolls Royce Ghost Comparison

Rolls Royce has always been the last word followed by words like ‘luxury’ and ‘cars’. The most renowned luxury automaker of the world is known for making some of the ultra-special cars. Cars which are not only known for lasting longer than your lifetime, but also for the epitome of status symbol on wheels.

The Indian car market has got both the Rolls Royce Phantom as well as Rolls Royce Ghost – two of the best saloons one can buy if he/she has got all the money of the world. The Rolls Royce Ghost is positioned one segment below the Rolls Royce Phantom, which is the flagship offering from the British car marque.

The question arises – is the Phantom really worth the stretch over the Ghost, which already is one super fine luxury saloon? We do find out in this exhaustive comparison:

Price – Phantom vs Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost Price

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the pricing. Rolls Royces have never been cheap – they might be commanding one’s whole fortune too. However, for ultra-rich people, both the Rolls Royces are available with a sufficient price gap between them.

(all prices Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Prices (ex-showroom, India) Rolls Royce Phantom Rolls Royce Ghost
Petrol-automatic Rs 9.50 crore Rs 6.95 crore

Mind you, these prices only the base prices of both the cars, and as you all know, nobody buys a Rolls Royce without a bunch of customizations. There are infinite options of customization which Rolls Royce has made available for both of them. The more options you add, the pricier these cars will become.

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Engine and Performance – Phantom vs Ghost Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Phantom Price

Rolls Royce is known for making the most refined engines for its cars. They are huge, they are powerful, but at the same time, they are super refined and silent. So silent, that the only sound you might hear inside the car is the ticking of the analog clock on the dashboard – a popular saying about Rolls Royces which actually is a truth.

Both the Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Ghost are powered by mammoth twin-turbo V12 petrol engines. The engine of the Phantom is marginally bigger than that of the Ghost (6.8-litre vs 6.6-litre), however, both the luxury saloons produce the same amount of power – 563 bhp. However, the bigger engine of the Phantom brings along almost 80 Nm of extra torque.

Both the cars get the same 8-speed automatic gearbox and rear wheel drive configuration. In the real world, both the sedans feel equally powerful. However, that extra dose of torque definitely is handier to carry the additional weight which the Phantom has over the Ghost.

Specifications Rolls Royce Phantom Rolls Royce Ghost
Engine 6.8-litre twin-turbo V12 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12
Power 563 bhp 563 bhp
Torque 900 Nm 820 Nm
Gearbox 8-speed automatic 8-speed automatic

Exterior and Dimension – Rolls Royce Phantom vs Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost Features

This is a no brainer – the Rolls Royce Phantom is genuinely the bigger car of the two. It trumps the Rolls Royce Ghost in whatever dimension you can name. It is longer, wider, taller and has more wheelbase and boot space on offer, this being a bigger sedan in every sense. The visual bulk of the Phantom is easily visible over the Ghost.

Dimensions Rolls Royce Phantom Rolls Royce Ghost
Length 5771 mm 5400 mm
Width 2017 mm 1948 mm
Height 1646 mm 1549 mm
Wheelbase 3551 mm 3294 mm
Boot space 538 liters 490 liters
Kerb weight 2560 kg 2470 kg

Design and Features – RR Phantom vs Ghost

Rolls Royce Phantom Features

These are Rolls Royces. These are meant to offer the best in the world of motoring. You name it, these two cars get them. Off course, the most elusive ones. Adding on it, they get a plethora of customization options, the list of which is never ending to say the least.

For a brief idea of the extensiveness of the customization options, both the cars are available with 65+ exterior paint schemes to choose from. In addition, while the interior of the Rolls Royce Phantom can be executed in one of the 40 different leather upholsteries, the Rolls Royce Ghost has a list of 30 such upholsteries.

Both the cars come with a host of comforts like TFT instrument console, modern infotainment systems, hard disk drive media storage, premium bespoke sound system, satellite radio, wi-fi hotspot, heated and cooled seats, four zone automatic climate control, powered front and rear seats with memory function. However, the Phantom comes with adaptive cruise control and head up display. At the same time, the Phantom has the very famous starry sky roof in place of panoramic sunroof in the Ghost.

Safety Features – Rolls Royce Phantom vs Ghost

Rolls Royce Phantom Exterior

In terms of safety too, both the Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Ghost are available with the best of safety features in the world of automobiles. The standard list of safety features in both the cars consists of front, side, curtain and knee airbags, traction control, electronic stability control, brake assist, tire pressure monitoring system, rear parking aid with sensors and cameras all around and a range of autonomous driving systems. However, the Ghost misses out on adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.


Both the Rolls Royce Phantom and Rolls Royce Ghost are legendary saloons in their own perspectives. Choose either of them, and you are bound to be noticed. Both these saloons carry a lot of luxury aura around them and within them, which make them so much desirable.

Given one’s purpose, a Rolls Royce Ghost should be enough to serve his/her purpose of traveling in luxury and comfort. Choosing either of the two is never going to be a mistake or a compromise. But for Rolls Royce customers, going the extra mile is not a tough task. For the additional money, the Phantom definitely commands much more amount of attention, road presence and features.


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