8 Most Important Winter Car Care Tips - Get Your Car Ready For Winter
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8 Most Important Winter Car Care Tips You Should Know – Car Maintenance Hacks



Read These Winter Car Maintenance Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Winter! 

Winter Car Care Tips

With the arrival of the winter season, the time has come for the car owners to face some of the car ownership challenges such as dense fog on the streets, slippery road conditions and freezing temperatures. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that the winter season also brings a challenge for the car owners in making the car ready enough to run hassle-free without being broken down. But nothing to worry! To upkeep your car, and to get it winter ready, we have listed below the 8 most important winter car care tips, read them out:

1. Check Windshield Wipers And Washer Fluid

Wipers and washer fluid ensure optimum visibility in situations like condensation. Therefore, make sure that your car doesn’t have cracked or damaged windshield wipers. Also ensure that your washer fluid reservoir is always filled up with plenty of washer fluid.

2. Ensure Climate Control And Defroster Function Properly

During the winter season, climate control and defroster are the two most essential features. The climate control balances the cabin temperature when the outside temperature is freezing, while the defroster precludes ice formation on the windshield. Ensure that both of these features function properly.

3. Check The Battery Condition

Your car battery needs to be in the right state during the winter season. Make sure that the battery is filled up with required distilled water. If your car needs a new battery, don’t delay. Try to get a new one as early as possible because during the cold weather, a car demands more current than needed in any other season. It is always a good idea to keep a set of jumper cables so that if your car battery is discharged at any moment, you have the jumper cables in back up to jump start the car.

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4. Engine Oil And Coolant Check

If you haven’t checked your car’s engine oil level. It is time to check it now and get the engine oil filled up to the required level. Also make sure that there is sufficient radiator coolant in the car as it not only helps in keeping the engine cool, but also prevents the radiator water from freezing when the outside temperature reaches 0 degree Celsius or less than that.

5. Never Avoid Checking The Brakes

During foggy months, the road visibility is extremely poor and at any given point of time you might have to apply the brakes to avoid any mishap. Also in some situations, the braking distance of the car is increased due to slippery and wet road conditions. Therefore, make sure that your car brakes are always in the best state to keep your drive happy and safe.

6. Check The Headlights And Fog Lamps

During winter season sun sets earlier and road visibility becomes a challenge for a driver. You should ensure that the lights of your car are in perfect condition to provide you the brightest possible illumination. Get all the fused bulbs changed and if your vehicle is equipped with fog lamps, ensure that you drive with the fog lamps switched ON. If any of the fog lamps is out, fix it as soon as possible.

7. Get An Overall Servicing Done

It is always better to get an overall servicing of the car done. This will make your car mechanically perfect and apt to tackle the coldest conditions.

8. Tyres Need Attention Too

You can’t ignore tyres, the most important and the only point of your car’s contact with the road. Make sure that your  vehicle tyres have enough tread left to handle the slippery and wet conditions. If Himalayan belt is your abode, make sure that your car is fitted with the Winter tyres as they run glued even on the snowy conditions and have deep broad grooves to provide maximum grip on slippery conditions.


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