All-electric Ducati V21L MotoE Race Bike Unveiled, First Ever Electric Motorcycle From Ducati
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All-electric Ducati V21L Motoe Race Bike Unveiled, First Ever Electric Motorcycle From Ducati



Ducati V21L MotoE price in india

The world is moving towards complete electrification, and the prominent motorcycle manufacturers are contributing to this move too. After Harley Davidson came up with the fantastic and futuristic Livewire electric cruiser, Ducati has unveiled its first all-electric motorcycle, the V21L. However, unlike the Livewire which is a production-spec motorcycle for legal use, the Ducati V21L is a track-only motorcycle, which has been designed and engineered to compete in the MotoE segment of the MotoGP world championship.

The motorcycle will start competing in the coveted event from 2023, and for this, Ducati has replaced Energica as its official supplier too. The bike was unveiled during its first track test at the Misano race track, which was conducted by Ducati’s official test rider, Michele Pirro.

In terms of looks, the Ducati V21L looks as striking and sharp as Ducatis are commonly known for. The overall bodywork is finished in a sporty looking dual-tone shade of black and red, with most of the body panels made of carbon fibre to keep the weight in check. Apart from the bodywork, even some of the mechanical components of the Ducati V21L, such as the rear swing-arm and sub-frame, are made of carbon fibre.

Along with the use of carbon fibre, Ducati has carried out many steps to keep the weight of the motorcycle as low as possible. For this, the size of the battery, overall weight and range are expected to remain at an optimum level. As expected, this racing motorcycle from Ducati is armed with top-of-the-line hardware, such as suspension sourced from Ohlins, brakes sourced from Brembo and wheels sourced from Marchesini.

There is no clarity on why the motorcycle has been named V21L. The ‘21’ in the name signify either the model year or the capacity of the battery from which it sources its power. Coming to the battery and electric motor employed to power the motorcycle, Ducati has kept the details surrounding them under wraps. The full specifications of the battery and motor are expected to be revealed once the motorcycle starts participating in the MotoE event.

For the time being, Ducati has no intentions to make an all-electric series production motorcycle. However, if it plans one shortly, the V21L is expected to be the base of the development around it. In addition to the V21L, Ducati will make other light-weighted and high-performance electric motorcycles for the FIM Enel MotoE racers.


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