Aprilia SR 125 vs Honda Activa 125 – Apple & Orange of Scooter World Compared
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Aprilia SR 125 vs Honda Activa 125 – Apple and Orange of The Scooter World Compared



Aprilia SR 125 vs Honda Activa 125

Ever heard of a comparison between apples and oranges? It might not make sense, but it surely comes to your mind if you are out for buying one. The same is the case with the Aprilia SR 125 and Honda Activa 125 – two scooters with completely different visual and mechanical appeals. However, both of them cater to the same segment of premium 125cc scooters, which is one of the fastest-growing spaces in the two-wheeler industry of India. Following is a comprehensive comparison of both these 125cc scooters, which will help you find which one of the two is suited for your taste. 


Aprilia SR 125 price in india

Compared to the Honda Activa 125, that is available in three variants – steel wheel-drum brake, alloy wheel-drum brake and alloy wheel-disc brake, the Aprilia SR 125 is offered only in a single fully-loaded alloy wheel-disc brake variant. Priced at Rs 1.08 lakh, this sole variant of the SR 125 is almost Rs 28,000 more expensive than the corresponding variant of the Activa 125, thus making the former a hugely expensive proposition.

Variants Aprilia SR 125 prices Honda Activa 125 prices
Steel wheel-drum brake Rs 73,203
Alloy wheel-drum brake Rs 76,771
Alloy wheel-disc brake Rs 1,07,595 Rs 80,325

(All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom, pan India)

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Engine and Chassis

Honda Activa 125 Review

While both the scooters here are equipped with single-cylinder, air-cooled, 125cc engines, both of them differ hugely in the way they perform. The SR 125’s engine is almost 1.7 bhp more powerful than that of the Honda Activa 125, which gives the former better acceleration figures and smoother power delivery at higher speeds. However, the torque output of the Aprilia SR 125 is almost 0.6 Nm lower than that of the Activa 125, which makes the latter a slightly better initial pulling power.

Both the scooters use conventional hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and a single coil spring at the back. However, the Aprilia SR 125 rides on bigger 14-inch wheels shod with a meatier 120/70-14 tubeless tyres. This wheel and tyre combination of the SR 125 makes it much more agile to ride on both long stretches and corners, as compared to the Activa 125.

Engine specifications Aprilia SR 125 Honda Activa 125
Engine Four-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, 124.45cc Four-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, 124cc
Power 9.9 bhp @ 7,700 rpm 8.2 bhp @ 6,500 rpm
Torque 9.7 Nm @ 6,000 rpm 10.3 Nm @ 5,000 rpm
Front suspension Hydraulic telescopic forks Hydraulic telescopic forks
Rear suspension Coil spring Coil spring
Front tyre 120/70-14 tubeless 90/90-12 tubeless
Rear tyre 120/70-14 tubeless 90/100-10 tubeless
Front brake 220 mm disc 190 mm disc/130 mm drum
Rear brake 140 mm drum 130 mm drum


While the lean and sporty profile of the Aprilia SR 125 might give you an impression of being a smaller scooter in comparison to the bulkier looking Honda Acitva 125, the actual truth is just the opposite. The SR 125 trumps the Activa 125 in every dimension, thus making it the bigger scooter out of the two. However, it has a lower ground clearance in comparison, which though gives it an advantage in its riding dynamics. The under-seat storage capacity of both the scooters are kept undisclosed by their respective makers, however, they are decently big enough to accommodate a half-face helmet.

Dimensions TVS Jupiter 125 Honda Activa 125
Length 1985 mm 1850 mm
Width 806 mm 707 mm
Height 1261 mm 1170 mm
Wheelbase 1365 mm 1260 mm
Ground clearance 155 mm 169 mm
Kerb weight 118 kg 111 kg
Seat height 780 mm 765 mm

Design and Features

The Aprilia SR 125 and Honda Activa 125 come from entirely two different worlds of design, with the SR 125 being a sporty and athletic-looking scooter and the Activa 125 having a more mature unisex appeal to it. There is no comparison here, with both the scooters appealing to two completely different targeted audiences.

The lean and sporty bodywork of the Aprilia SR 125 is well complemented with a sharp-looking V-shaped wide all-LED headlamp on the front apron, while the clear lens turn indicators are placed on the handlebar cowl. The front apron and side body panels are covered in cool graphics, which give it a youthful appeal. At the back, the SR 125 gets a new X-shaped LED tail lamp and large single-piece alloy grab rail, with motorcycle-like clear lens turn indicators mounted on the rear fender. The new facelifted version also got a full LCD instrument console from the Aprilia SXR 160, which is much larger and appealing with the addition of a tachometer.

In contrast, the Honda Activa 125 looks much sober, but equally contemporary with a nice looking LED headlamp on the handlebar cowl, premium looking Y-shaped chrome garnish on the front bumper, additional chrome garnish on the wide looking side body panels and a larger tail lamp cluster with an external fuel filler above it. The part-digital instrument console of the Activa 125 simply lacks the finesse and modernity of the SR 125’s unit, and it misses out on a tachometer as well. 


The Aprilia SR 125 and Honda Activa 125 are two scooters that are poles apart – except similarly sized engines, there is nothing common between the two offerings. However, when compared, the massive price difference of Rs 28,000 makes the Honda Activa 125 a much more value-for-money offering – it looks smart, has a reliable and fuel-efficient engine, has decent riding manners and is backed with bullet-proof reliability Honda is known for.

In stark contrast, the Aprilia SR 125 showcases a completely different soul. It looks racy and boisterous and is fancier in comparison with its sleeker stance and that comprehensive full LCD instrument console. The bigger wheels and tyres also make the overall riding experience much more engaging in comparison. It is indeed for the rider in you. However, that massive stretch of Rs 28,000 is worth going for only if you want that additional riding thrill which the SR 125 offers, something which a majority of scooter buyers don’t want.


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