6 Reasons Why Bajaj Pulsar Is A Hit Among Bike Enthusiasts And Masses
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Bajaj Pulsar – Why It’s A Hit Among Biking Enthusiasts As Well As Masses?



What made Bajaj Pulsar such a successful motorcycle in the Indian two-wheeler market? Here’re the reasons, read on!

Bajaj Pulsar

Before we jump to the fondness aspect, just have a look at these incredible facts about Bajaj Pulsar:

  • Sold more than 1.2 crore units in 65+ countries globally.
  • Dominates 40% market share in the Indian sports motorcycle category.
  • Consists of over 8 models in its India portfolio.
  • Pumping adrenaline rush for nearly two decades and still counting.

Aren’t they enough to blow your mind away? They are. Undoubtedly. To create a spark among the youth for performance, carve a niche for itself, fare against the odds at the time when the motorcycle was all about commuting. The iconic nameplate Pulsar was introduced by Bajaj Auto. The Pulsar went on to rule the hearts of young aficionados in India. And mind you, the legacy still continues.

Let’s peek a bit into its history to discover how the birth of this ‘Definitely Male’ obsession happened.

His-Story (as it’s all about celebrating male-hood)

The leading two-wheeler manufacturer introduced the Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle brand in 2001. The year not only marked the inception year for ‘The Pulsar’, but also emerged as a year of transformation for Bajaj Auto. As they embraced new brand identity – Distinctively Ahead. Just like the refreshing yet aggressive logo and the commanding tagline, the product too was revolutionary.

It seems home-grown auto giant was well aware of its runaway success. And why it should not be, as it had invested a lot of money and spent a good time in the board room discussing about its breath-taking design elements and class-leading mechanicals. Designed by the well-known motorcycle designer Glynn Kerr and co-developed with R&D Tokyo, the Pulsar was launched in two variations namely 150cc and 180cc.

Now, let’s check out the reasons behind the unstoppable success of Bajaj Pulsar.

1. Popularity Among Youth

Popularity Among Youth

One of the reasons for its un-sinking fame right from its launch had been its versatility. You can commute to work daily and can turn the beast mode on during weekends. Or even, zoom with authority to work every day. During daily use, it endows you with all the characteristics of a faithful commuter like agile handling and decent fuel efficiency, etc. Alongside, excellent high-speed thrills and performance on long-distance travels. Thus, masses get the best of both worlds in one.

2. Plethora of Choices

Plethora of Choices

None of the two-wheeler models in the country sees such long and diversified model list within its range. The complete range of this sporty bike comprise of Bajaj Pulsar RS200, Bajaj Pulsar NS200, Bajaj Pulsar NS160, Bajaj Pulsar 220F, Bajaj Pulsar 150 (Classic), Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc, Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon, Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon, and Bajaj Pulsar 180F Neon.

The wide-ranging options are not only restricted to mere displacement capacities but have an altogether different world within them. For instance, NS twins 160 and 200. The Naked Sports (NS) is for those who look for power, performance and sharp street bike styling.

Meanwhile, RS200 brings advanced tech and performance in one for long-distance pleasure riding with a knack to perform like an ultimate sports bike. Thanks to its semi faring design upfront. Moreover, 220F chooses to thrill at any cost with insane 0-100 kmph brutality and capable high-speed sporty performance. Lastly, the 125cc, 150cc, 180cc are inclined towards on-demand performance contributors and are priced affordably.

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3. Daunting Design

Daunting Design

In its first-gen, the Pulsar featured rounded headlamp and never seen before muscular tank design that screams robustness alongside impressive ground clearance. Many of the USPs continued to be a part of the upgrades even till today. In its mid-life makeover, the Pulsar saw some noticeable changes which included beast inspired front cowl, interesting body graphic work more sporty and sleek rear. Each Pulsar model carries a unique identity of its own and caters to different tastes.

4. Thumping Mechanicals

Sighting its 18 years journey the Pulsar has evolved more in terms of performance and mechanicals rather than cosmetics. Besides looks, every Pulsar is also distinct when it comes to power, torque and performance output. Continuous evolution in mechanicals and integration of advanced technology in its engines – FI, liquid/oil cooled, Exhaus Tec, DTS-i, etc. – is something that has kept it pulsating.

Its ‘ahead of times’ attribute can be recognized from the fact that Pulsar 200NS (the cool-looking powerful street bike) was first launched in 2012. However, due to low sales response – as the street bike segment wasn’t ready for such a high-powered machine – the production was suspended for a while.

And it was relaunched in 2017 as Pulsar NS200 BSIV, which then witnessed commendable sales numbers. Every time the upgrade of each Pulsar model sees a new and prominent tech addition that enhances its performance drastically and attracts buyer attention.

5. Current Craving

Here is an interesting analysis that speaks volumes for its popularity in the country. In the testing times of Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) where most motorcycle models, even the mass segment ones, are struggling to meet their sales targets, Pulsars are not much affected.

Proof is here. As per June sales chart, the commuter category munchers Hero Splendor and Hero HF Deluxe recorded a decline of 25% and 32% respectively last month compared to the sales recorded by them in June 2019. And what sales dip did Pulsar register during the same tenure, it is meager 2.63%. Being an entry-level performance motorcycle these figures are no less than awe-inspiring. It’s Pulsar that has helped Bajaj become the No. 1 motorcycle exporter and penetrate its reach to 70 countries worldwide.

As of now, the most sold sports bike series globally is none other than the Bajaj Pulsar. Some reliable sources suggest the most powerful Pulsar with 250cc displacement in under production.

Hope this helps you understand why Pulsar is always in demand among the enthusiast as well as masses.

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