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Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cars



Everyone loves driving or being seated in clean cars – after all, it shows how we see hygiene as a part of our daily lives. The rising pollution levels and exposure to dirt and dust in the outside environment make the car interiors prone to pollutants, which filter in the cabin no matter how hard we try to keep them away. It is where a compact and portable vacuum cleaner comes in handy, thus helping in keeping the car’s interior clean and free of contaminants. Here are some worthy vacuum cleaners for cars at affordable prices, all of which have their own set of benefits:

Black+Decker Dustbuster

One of the most affordable vacuum cleaners for cars on this list, the Black+Decker Dustbuster, as the name suggests, offers unmatched performance on all contaminants, especially the large ones. The vacuum cleaner has a wide crevice opening, which helps it in avoiding all types of clogs. However, while it is high in performance and helpful in clearing out large-sized contaminants, its battery life is not too appreciable. The Black+Decker Dustbuster is also quite noisy while operating. However, it is one worthy option to consider, given its perfect balance of price and performance.

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Black+Decker Pivot

Another affordable and compact vacuum cleaner offered by Black+Decker is the Pivot. Like the Dustbuster, the Black+Decker Pivot also has a wide-mouthed crevice opening, which is paired with up to 200 degrees of pivot angle. This flexibility helps the Pivot to be flexible in its operations by cleaning inaccessible places. This pivoting action of the vacuum cleaner is further complemented by the better-than-others battery life. However, after the cleaning operation, the large particles tend to clog the small intake channel, which makes emptying it a tedious task.

MetroVac Vac N Blo

Want a quietly operating vacuum cleaner for cars, which is also easily portable? Look no further than the MetroVac Vac N Blo. This compact-sized vacuum cleaner from MetroVac can be mounted easily anywhere, and it also comes with a handy shoulder strap. It also features a wide range of attachments, which help in its versatility. Another positive aspect of MetroVac Vacn N Blo is its option to blow-dry, which is one of its stand-out features. However, despite its compact size, the Vac N Blo tends to get heavy during the process of emptying the filter.

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Dyson V8

If you are looking out for a compact vacuum cleaner, which can be handy in cleaning both your car and basic household items, the Dyson V8 is one vacuum cleaner which you should check out. This works equally well for both household items and your car, with its compact size and quiet operation. In addition, the Dyson V8 also is easy to operate while emptying the waste, thanks to its simple swapping attachments. However, all is not so smooth for the Dyson V8, as its battery life is pitiful and it is quite expensive when compared to other similarly-sized vacuum cleaners.

Milwaukee M18

The Milwaukee M18 is one vacuum cleaner for cars which you will love if you don’t want to entangle yourself between the cords of the cleaner. This cordless vacuum cleaner from Milwaukee has an astounding battery life spanning over 23 minutes, which is easily much longer than all the other vacuum cleaners on sale right now. The Milwaukee M18 also has a large collection chamber for collecting impurities, which is also easy to empty. It also does not produce too much noise when compared to other vacuum cleaners. However, its crevice tool is very skinny, which gets clogged easily.

Dewalt 20-Volt Max

While the overall battery life of the Dewalt 20-Volt Max vacuum cleaner is not as high as that of the Milwaukee M18, it is still long enough to make it worth noticeable. This cordless vacuum cleaner for cars from Dewalt offers an appreciable battery life and is lighter in weight, which helps anyone who is operating it to clean cars. However, the crevice tool of the Dewalt 20-Volt Max is not too recommendable against large contaminants, which makes the process of emptying the vacuum cleaner a not-so-easy job, while increasing the chances of wrist fatigue.

Eufy by Anker HomeVac H30

For a vacuum cleaner for cars which offers great suction power to clean contaminants quickly in no time, the Eufy by Anker HomeVac H30 is one recommendable option to consider. This sleek-looking vacuum cleaner has a narrow opening, which might not be too much helpful in cleaning large chunks of contaminants. However, the fact that it weighs too less and is easily portable makes it one handy vacuum cleaner for cars. Adding to its practicality is its powerful high-power mode, though, in this mode, it becomes a bit noisy in operation.

Shark Ultralight Pet Pro

The prime highlight of the Shark Ultralight Pet Pro is its design, which makes it look like a gun that resembles a blaster from a movie, thus making it easily one of the best-looking vacuum cleaners for cars. This cordless vacuum cleaner has a much better crevice tool than most of the vacuum cleaners listed here. However, it is quite heavy on the wrist while operating, most of which is concentrated towards the front. Though, its high suction power is something which helps in cleaning all types of contaminants faster and easier.

Bissell Garage Pro

The best part of the Bissell Garage Pro is its 32-foot-long cord, which makes it quite portable and accessible in restricted areas, despite it not being a cordless vacuum cleaner for cars. This wall-mounted vacuum cleaner features a huge number of attachments, while its dirt chamber is easy to empty. The power button of this vacuum cleaner comes with a nice protective cover, which helps the vacuum cleaner to remain clean. While it might be loud in its operation, its high suction power compensates for it, helping in cleaning out large chunks of dirt at one time.

Shark WandVac

Another cool-looking vacuum cleaner for cars which impresses with its design is the Shark Wandvac. Shark knows to ace in design with its vacuum cleaners, which is evident in the sleek appearance of the WandVac. Its compact design is not the only thing which makes it easy to operate – even its dirt chamber is easy to empty with just one simple press of a button. However, this very sleek design of Shark WandVac proves to be a bit of trouble, when small bits of dirt fall out from its bottom when it is switched off. Even its lower battery life is something which might work against it for many.


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