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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Motorcycle Helmets in the USA



Most people usually don’t do the required research on a helmet as much as they do while buying a new motorcycle. However, as much as buying the right motorcycle for your preferences is important, buying the right helmet with the right qualities and perfect fit is also very important. In case of an accident or a fall, it is only the right and suitable helmet which comes to your rescue. Following are some of the best full-face helmets, which offer protection to your head, face and chin in adverse conditions

Arai Contour-X

If you want a full-face helmet which is equally good for both commutes and long-distance touring, you should take a look at the Arai Contour-X. Featuring an all-new shell shape, the Arai Contour-X has a rather clean design with strong laminate construction, which results in a sturdier build quality. For uncompromised comfort during prolonged riding hours, the Arai Contour-X also comes with a new ventilation scheme and a rear spoiler for reducing strain on the rider’s neck, while aiding in aerodynamics at higher speeds.

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Schuberth C5

Bringing fine German technology to the US market, the Schuberth C5 is one of the most desirable premium full-face modular helmets one can buy in the country. This particular helmet comes with an intermediate ovular shape and fit, which can easily accommodate any size of the head, and is further fine-tuned to fit with the help of six interior panels. For a modular helmet, the Schuberth C5 is quite light-weighted, tipping the weighing scales at just four pounds. It also comes with speakers and a microphone compatible with the SC2 Bluetooth communication unit for seamless connectivity even while on the go.

Fly Racing Formula

Moving to the choice of dirt bike helmets, which usually come with pointed and sharper designs for added protection while riding on off-road terrains, the Fly Racing Formula is one worthy option you should consider. The Fly Racing Formula is made of exotic carbon fibre, which makes it both supremely protective and premium. For added protection against impact from off-road surfaces and blows, the Fly Racing Formula comes with impact energy cells and the brand’s Conehead EPS design. Also, the flexible nylon peak and massive ventilation offered by the Fly Racing Formula make it comfortable for long riding hours.

Bell MX-9 Mips

Looking for a perfect dirt bike helmet without spending a large-scale amount? The Bell MX-9 Mips might just be the option you are looking for in the market. The Bell MX-9 Mips has a lot of things going in its favour, with the full Mips rotational liner and plenty of graphics options. In addition to these highlights, it also claims to offer great ventilation, while weighing much lesser and being available in multiple size options. And for those who are concerned about its safety quotient, the Bell MX-9 Mips is DOT/ECE rated, making it suitable for dual-sport rides.

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Klim Krios Pro

If you are someone who wants to have a more hardcore helmet for off-road riding funs and thrills, the Klim Krios Pro is one option you should check out. With Koroyd impact-absorbing technology, the Klim Krios Pro allows the rider with a smooth airflow, thus reducing perspiration within the helmet. For added ventilation, the Klim Krios Pro also comes with effective ducts throughout its carbon fibre shell. For a premium appearance and added protection, this helmet also comes with a transitions photochromic lens and fid-lock magnetic strap closure.

Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips

If you are impressed with the affordability and features of the Bell MX-9 Mips but are wanting more from it, the Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips is for you. With a kerb weight of just three pounds and six ounces, the Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips is one of the most light-weighted adventure helmets one can buy in the market right now. Apart from its polycarbonate shell, which is also responsible for its light-weighted nature, the Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips also comes with a Mips layer for better protection against rotational impact.

Arai Corsair-X

Want a suitable and best protective helmet for all the maniacal track action? The Arai Corsair-X might just be the right fit for you. Proven for both sport and road racing, the Arai Corsair-X has a fine aerodynamic design with sporty bodywork, which helps it remain light and stable while riding at higher speeds. The Arai Corsair-X also has a fully removable interior for additional comfort with peel-away pad sections. These features make it one of the lightest helmets for track racing, which weighs three and a half pounds.

Scorpion Exo-R1 Air

The Scorpion Exo-R1 Air is one of the perfect examples of not everything good comes at a hefty price. Racing helmets are perceived to be expensive, but the Scorpion Exo-R1 Air isn’t. Apart from its affordable pricing, the Scorpion Exo-R1 Air further impresses with its resin-infused 3K carbon fibre shell. This thing not only makes the helmet look premium but also adds to the protection it offers to the rider. Known for providing a comfortable fit to the rider, the AirFit system by Scorpion keeps the rider composed even at higher speeds.


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