Compare Maruti Ertiga vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs Tata Hexa Price
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Comparison Maruti Ertiga vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs Tata Hexa



Compare Maruti Ertiga vs Toyota Innova Crysta vs Tata Hexa.

Maruti Ertiga
Multi-purpose vehicles are very popular in India. The convenience of three-row seating and plenty of cargo space makes these cars incredibly utilitarian. Toyota Innova and its predecessors have been dominating the segment for years. Other carmakers like Tata tried to shake Innova’s position in the market with their offering but were rendered unsuccessful. Now, however, there are three new cars which are all set to battle it out once again and, in this comparison, we will find out which one is the best fit for you- Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Innova Crysta or the Tata Hexa.


In terms of the overall size, Tata Hexa bests Innova Crysta and Maruti Ertiga in every aspect. Hexa is the tallest, longest and widest car of the three followed by Innova and lastly, Maruti Ertiga. This means, Tata Hexa offers the most cabin space of the three contenders. It is also worth noting that Hexa has the highest ground clearance of the three cars followed by Ertiga and Innova Crysta gets the third place for suspension travel of 163 mm. On paper Tata Hexa and Maruti Ertiga should offer more comfortable ride as compared to Crysta, but if the history is any indicator, Innova always had the softest suspension setup even though it couldn’t clear deep potholes very well. Also, Crysta gets the same ladder frame chassis as we find in the Toyota Fortuner SUV.

Dimensions Maruti Ertiga Toyota Innova Crysta Tata Hexa
Length 4265mm 4735 mm 4788 mm
Width 1695 mm 1830 mm 1903 mm
Height 1685 mm 1795 mm 1791 mm
Wheelbase 2740 mm 2750 mm 2850 mm
Ground clearance 185 mm 167 mm 200 mm

Engine Comparison

Toyota Innova Crysta


Tata Hexa is offered only in diesel variants, which is why it will sit out this part of the comparison. The 2.7-litre petrol engine in Innova Crysta is much more powerful than the 1.4-litre motor we find in Ertiga. Both powertrains are available with an automatic transmission variant. The base petrol model of Ertiga has been priced at Rs. 8.47 Lakh (ex-showroom) and the base model of Toyota Innova Crysta gets a price tag of Rs. 13.35 Lakh (ex-showroom).

Petrol Maruti Ertiga Toyota Innova Crysta Tata Hexa
Engines 1.4 L 2.7 L N/A
Power 91.1bhp 163.7 bhp N/A
Torque 130 Nm 245 Nm N/A
Transmission MT/AT MT/AT N/A
Mileage 17.03 kmpl 10.75 kmpl N/A


Toyota Innova Crysta is offered with two diesel engine options which are 2.4-litre and 2.8-litre mills and these motors produce peak power outputs of 147.8 bhp and 171.5 bhp, respectively. Toyota Innova is the only MPV to offer an automatic transmission option for its diesel variants. Tata Hexa gets a 2.2 litre, 153.86 bhp motor whereas the least powerful 1.3-litre engine is offered in Maruti Ertiga and produces 88.5 bhp. The 2.4-litre base diesel model of Innova Crysta is the most expensive of the three, followed by Tata Hexa and lastly Maruti Ertiga.

Diesel Maruti Ertiga Toyota Innova Crysta Tata Hexa
Engines 1.3 L 2.4L/2.8 L 2.2 L
Power 88.5 bhp 147.8 nhp/171.5 bhp 153.86 bhp
Torque 200 Nm 343 Nm/360 Nm 400Nm
Transmission MT MT/MT & AT MT
Mileage 24.52 kmpl 13.68 kmpl/11.36 kmpl 17.6 kmpl


In terms of a value for money, long-distance commuting, Tata Hexa fairs well because of its reasonable pricing of diesel only models. Toyota Innova Crysta is priced at a premium but also offers incredible quality and features. Crysta comes with the same underpinning as the Fortuner SUV which is a great bargain and has a diesel automatic variant on offer. Lastly, the ultimate cheap and cheerful option is the Maruti Ertiga, which gives the consumers a wide range of variants to choose from for both petrol as well as diesel models.

Maruti Ertiga Toyota Innova Crysta Tata Hexa
6.16 Lakh (ex-showroom) 13.35 Lakh (ex-showroom) 11.85 Lakh (ex-showroom)

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