Key Features of New Damon HyperFighter Electric Motorcycle
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Key highlights which you should know about the new Damon HyperFighter electric motorcycle



Damon HyperFighter electric motorcycle price in india

Canada-based electric performance motorcycle maker Damon has expanded its lineup by introducing a new naked roadster, which has been christened as HyperFighter. The new Damon HyperFighter has joined the already existing fully-faired 200 bhp HyperSport and is open for sale in North American markets now. Here are all the details which you should know about the new electric motorcycle:

Variants and Prices

The new Damon HyperFighter will be available in a total of three different variants – Unlimited 15, Unlimited 20 and Colossus. The entry-level Unlimited 15 variant is priced at $19,000 (Rs 14.1 lakh), while the mid-spec Unlimited 20 variant is priced at $25,000 (Rs 18.6 lakh). The range-topping Colossus variant will set you back by $35,000 (Rs 26 lakh). All these three variants differ based on the battery pack, electric motor and mechanical components under their skin, while sharing the basic design all around.

Damon HyperFighter Colossus

Sitting at the top of the variant lineup, the Colossus variant of the Damon HyperFighter is equipped with features like fully-adjustable suspension from Ohlins, premium Brembo brakes, specially-made light-weight alloy wheels and a single-sided swingarm at the back. It gets a 20 kWh battery pack, which offers a range of 235 km. The heart of this variant is a 200 bhp of electric motor, which produces 200 Nm of torque and enables the bike to reach a top speed of 273 kph and do the 0-100 kph sprint in 3 seconds.

Damon HyperFighter Unlimited 15

The Unlimited 15 variant gets the same powerful 200 bhp electric motor and 20 kWh battery pack from the range-topping Colossus variant, which makes it equally good in terms of real-world performance. However, it misses out on the premium features of the Colossus variant, like Ohlins, premium Brembo brakes, specially-made light-weight alloy wheels and single-sided swingarm at the back.

Damon HyperFighter Unlimited 10

The Unlimited 10 too misses out on all the premium features of the Colossus variant and also gets lower-spec components in comparison to the other two variants. The Unlimited 10 variant is armed with a lower-powerful 150 bhp electric motor. This motor produces the same torque output of 200 Nm and 0-100 kph time of 3 seconds, but it gives the motorcycle a lower top speed of 240 kph. Also, it has a smaller 15 kW battery, which offers a lesser maximum range of 193 km.

Common features of all the variants

All three variants of the Damon HyperFighter are designed around a monocoque construction and get a razor-sharp design language, which makes it look very futuristic. The motorcycle comes with LED illumination all around and artistic graphics on the body panels.

In terms of features, the biggest highlight of the Damon HyperFighter has to be its CoPilot advanced warning system, which makes use of a range of radar sensors and front and rear cameras to offer a 360-degree view around the motorcycle on the instrument console screen. These sensors and cameras work together to alert the riders in case of possible oncoming danger to avoid any kind of accident or mishap while riding. The alert is given via the LED turn indicators or haptic feedback in the handlebar grips.

Another cool feature of the Damon HyperFighter is its adjustable ergonomics setup, which can be altered just at the touch of a button. There are two setups – Sport and Commuter, with both of them having custom settings with different positioning for up and down movement of the top triple clamp and handlebars and front and rear movement of the rider footpegs.


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