What makes the Arc Vector such a promising motorcycle? Five key aspects
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What makes the Arc Vector such a promising motorcycle? Five key aspects to know about



Arc Vector price in india

After a struggle of two years which saw events like bankruptcy and delay in production, the all-electric high-performance Arc Vector is finally launched and open for deliveries for its customers in England. The makers of Arc Vector are claiming it to be the world’s most advanced fully-electric motorcycle of its kind and going by the design, we can safely say that their claims are pointing in the right direction.

However, there’s more to the story than just a futuristic design. Following are some of the major highlights which you should know about Arc Vector:

The conception of the whole idea

The Arc Vector was first unveiled back in 2018 and was designed by the founder and current CEO of Arc Vector Motorcycles, Mark Truman. Truman was also the main man behind designing the motorcycle. The Arc Vector was scheduled for an official launch in the United Kingdom in mid-2019. However, due to some adverse circumstances, the project got shelved and the company filed for bankruptcy. However, in 2020, Mark Truman managed to buy back the company and resumed the project with some more changes.


After resuming the project in 2020, Mark Truman announced the commencement of bookings of Arc Vector in 2021. The prospected customers were already going through the company’s new commissioning suite in Central England. Each Arc Vector motorcycle is tailor-made for a unique essence, with the basic price set at GBP 90,000, which roughly translates to a whopping price tag of Rs 91 lakh. For now, the Arc Vector is on sale only in England.

Overall visual appeal

The Arc Vector is one of those motorcycles which looks straight out from the future. The overall design of the motorcycle is projected as a modern representation of a café racer, which is very evident by the single-seater configuration and committed riding ergonomics of the motorcycle. The entire design is extremely futuristic and almost looks like a concept motorcycle.

All the body panels of the Arc Vector are made of carbon fibre, which is one of the major reasons behind its expensiveness and light-weighted nature. There are a couple of elements that make the Arc Vector a different motorcycle, such as swingarm suspension for the front and hub centre for the handlebar, which is only going to give an altogether different riding experience than usual.

The biggest highlight of the design of the Arc Vector is the wraparound design for the rider’s cockpit, which flows from the single-piece seat to the upper edge of the front headlamp, which is an all-LED unit. The bulky looking side body panels, which hide the battery pack beneath them, and the floating single-piece tailpiece with a curved seat and LED tail lamp further make the motorcycle look even more special.

Fancy technologies

The Arc Vector is provided with a tech-embedded riding jacket, which provides haptic warnings to the rider, whenever the motorcycle senses a possible threat or accident while riding. It also comes with a unique helmet, which features a head-up display on its front visor. This display shows all the relevant data while on the go as and when needed so that the rider always has his/her vision on the road.

Electric powertrain

Beneath the bulky looking body panels, the Arc Vector houses a 95 kW electric motor, which pumps out a maximum power output of 127 bhp and gives the motorcycle an electronically limited top speed of 200 kmph. The motorcycle is capable of hitting the 100 kph mark from a standstill in just 3.2 seconds. The motorcycle promises a maximum riding range of 322 km in urban riding and 200 km in high-performance highway riding from its 16.8 kWh battery pack. This battery pack can be charged in just 45 minutes using a DC fast charger.

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