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Auto Expo 2018

Renault Trezor – 5 Things You Should Know About This Electric Sports Car



Read 5 amazing things about the Renault Trezor all-electric sports car, recently showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo.

Renault Trezor - 5 Things You Should Know

During the media days of the Indian Auto Expo 2018 we witnessed some of the biggest automotive launches and unveilings. Among all the key automotive players present at the 2018 Auto Expo, Renault was the one that surprised us. And the reason was the Renault Trezor, an all-electric grand tourer concept car that was unveiled by the auto-maker at the motor show. Let us check out the 5 amazing things that you should know about the Renault Trezor Concept.

1. ‘Most Beautiful Car Of The Year Award’

Most Beautiful Car Of The Year Award - Renault Trezor

Renault Trezor has bagged the ‘Most Beautiful Car Of The Year Award’ in 2016 at the Festival Automobile International. The car features flowing design language and comes with one of the most breathtaking exteriors that are totally unique and incomparable to any of the concepts earlier revealed at the Indian Auto Expo seasons.

2. It’s A Two-Seater Electric Sports Car

Renault Trezor at Auto Expo 2018

Renault Trezor is a two-seater electric sports car by character and was first showcased at 2016 Paris Motor Show. You can also call it a two-door futuristic GT electric car.

3. Production Starts ln A Couple Of Years


Although what Renault showcased at the Indian Auto Expo 2018 was a fully functional model but we think that the car will be slightly tweaked to be more practical for sale in the markets like India. The production of Renault Trezor sports car will start in coming two years.

4. Clamshell Roof That Opens Along With Windshield and Bonnet

The Trezor sports car’s key feature is its clamshell roof which opens as a single piece along with bonnet and the windshield to give access to the driver. So, if you thought you will have to get inside the Trezor by opening the door, it won’t happen so.


5. All-electric Powertrain System Under The Hood

This electric grand tourer is powered by an all-electric powertrain system which is based on Formula E cars’ Rechargeable Energy Storage System. Moreover, its electric motor is extremely powerful and is capable of producing 350bhp maximum power and 380Nm maximum torque. Read More

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