6 Safe Driving Tips Everyone Must Know – Road Safety Tips


Read here the safe driving tips to avoid car accidents in India. Follow these tips and contribute to road safety.

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Car driving needs a combination of skill, presence of mind and the knowhow of the traffic rules. Today, when our roads are getting chockfull, it becomes inevitable on our part to keep a watchful eye while driving. Apart from his own safety, the safety of other people is also in the hands of the driver.

Defensive driving is the best option to keep the roads safe for everyone. Defensive driving is more about one’s common sense, so one has to keep these simple points in mind while driving to make it a pleasant experience and avoid the possibility of any mishap on the road.

1. Never Exceed the Speed Limit

The driver must always be cautious about the speed limit that has been specified by the traffic administration. Speeding the vehicle above the given pace is illegal in the eyes of law and of course, it’s very dangerous for the driver as well. The faster one drives the vehicle, the longer it takes to apply the brakes. It also gives you less time to react if any person or maybe animal comes in front of the car resulting in fatal injuries to both.

So, one should better be late than sorry. Always choose the matching speed to rest of the traffic.

2. Always Wear the Seat Belts

Some mishap occurs all of a sudden. Seat belts play an important in this respect. They help during sudden force or collision which can prove fatal for the driver as well as other passengers. Seat belts also help in cutting down the movement on bumpy roads. So buckle up, always.

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3. Always Remain Attentive On Road

Many of the unwelcomed incidents happen on the roads because drivers don’t pay full attention while driving. One cannot rely on another person for his/her safety, so better be careful and stay alert. Don’t ever use your mobile phone or listen to loud music while driving. Slow the speed of the car if the traffic is bunching up, little patience will quickly clear up the jam.

4. Respect the Right to Way of Others

Everyone has the right to freely drive on the roads. If you see a car hurrying up, don’t get frantic at the moment and start arguing the person. Don’t ever block the path of another vehicle by moving in the front, it can be very dangerous for both the drivers and increase the chances of an accident.

5. Don’t Drive While You Are Stressed Or Not Well

Always avoid driving if you are not feeling well or stressed because that might affect the judgment during driving. If it’s very important to drive than one must take a nap on the side of the road and then start afresh. On the other hand, driving under the influence of alcohol is not only dangerous, but also a punishable offense and can land you up in the jail.


6. Slow Down In Bad Weather Conditions

During the rainy season or on wet roads one must be extra careful. Make sure the car tires have been checked well before driving and its air pressure is right. Overinflating tires many times reduce the area of contact with the roads that result in failure of rolling friction on the wet surface.

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