Tata Motors H5X SUV Concept: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About It
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Auto Expo 2018

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tata Motors H5X SUV



Homegrown auto major Tata Motors showcased a production-ready version of the H5X SUV at the 2018 Auto Expo and divulges some info which we are sure many are still unaware of.

Tata Motors H5X SUV Unveiled at 2018 Auto Expouthor – Manish

So here’s our list of 5 things about Tata H5X you probably missed.

Not Just an Ordinary Concept

Tata Motors has confirmed that this production ready model which is being showcased is, in fact, going on sale next year with little changes. As a matter of fact, 80% of the components on the car will remain unchanged.

A Whole New Design

Tata H5X will be one of the several Tata cars to feature the company’s Impact 2.0 design language. As it turns out, H5X will also mark the introduction of the said design philosophy into the Indian market and will be followed by the Tata 45X premium hatchback.

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New Car From The Scratch

The platform on which H5X will be based will be sourced from the Land Rover Discovery SUV. This comes as a courtesy of Tata’s JLR group subsidiary. The carmaker will be using its brand-new OMEGA platform for this offering which stands for ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’.

British Soul and American Muscle

This is not just a re-badged engineered job, also Tata H5X is not merely a Discovery SUV wrapped in Tata Impact 2.0 design. It is very likely that the SUV will get the same Fiat sourced 2.0-litre engine which finds its application under the hood of Jeep Compass. This powertrain can produce 170bhp of power and 350Nm of torque while delivering a fuel economy of around 17kmpl.

Launch Date

Not exactly a date, but Tata Motor revealed that it intends to launch the H5X premium SUV sometime in April next year.

The carmaker continued its surprising spree even at the Geneva Motor Show where it showcased the all-electric Tata EVision concept sedan. Sharing the same OMEGA ARC platform of the H5X, the electric vehicle gets an awe-inspiring design and interesting interior elements.

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