2018 Auto Expo: UM Thor, Renegade Duty S and Duty Ace Unveiled!
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Auto Expo 2018

UM Motorcycle Unveils Thor Electric Cruiser, Renegade Duty S And Renegade Duty Ace At 2018 Indian Auto Expo



The price for UM Thor will be Rs. 4.9 lakh (Ex-showroom Delhi), while the Renegade Duty S and Renegade Duty Ace will be sold at Rs. 1.10 lakh.

UM Motorcycle Unveils
It is safe to say that the American cruiser manufacturer UM motorcycles clearly took the spotlight today when it unveiled three motorcycles at the ongoing 2018 Indian Auto Expo. The most important one of them has to the UM Thor. This is the India’s first electric cruiser to come with a five-speed manual gearbox. There is also a reverse gear to aid in the maneuverability of the cruiser around town. The electric battery gives UM Thor a riding range of 270 kms.

The electric motor produces 30Kw of power and 70Nm of torque. Electric powerplant incorporated by the Thor is liquid cooled and comes with a hydraulic clutch. The company has confirmed that it will launch Thor in the Indian market and the motorcycle will be priced at Rs. 4.9 Lakh (Ex-showroom).

Renegade Duty S

UM also showcased it’s Renegade Duty S and Renegade Duty Ace cruisers alongside Thor. These motorcycles will be powered by a 223-cc single cylinder motor which will also come mated to a 5-speed transmission. These are oil cooled 4-stroke engines which can produce 17 PS of peak power output and 17 Nm of torque.

Renegade Duty Ace

The UM Renegade Duty S weighs at 142 kgs and UM Renegade Duty Ace weighs at a comparatively lighter 140 kgs. The company says Renegade Ace has off-roading potential and in terms of handling characteristics the cruiser will be nimble.

Both UM Renegade Duty S and Renegade Duty Ace will be priced at Rs. 1.10 lakh and will be launched in the months to follow the Auto Expo.

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