20 Best Electric Bikes & Scooters In India [2024] - A Comprehensive List
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Top 20 Electric Two Wheelers In India – Best Electric Bikes & Scooters



Top 20 Electric Two-Wheelers in India – Best Electric Bikes & Scooters

Top 20 Electric Two Wheelers In India

Greetings enthusiasts and eco-conscious riders, the automobile landscape has been quite a fast-evolving one since the last two decades. Especially with the introduction of electric vehicles in such a robust way taking over the roads of India, it’s a total facelift for the automobile industry. With a focus on reducing carbon imprints and embracing cleaner mobility solutions, the Indian market has seen a remarkable surge in cutting-edge electric two-wheelers. With the growing demand, there are growing options as well making EVs a perfect blend of economic and leisure rides.

Here we got you, “Top 20 Electric Two-Wheelers in India.” presenting you a compilation of the most innovative, performance-oriented, and environmentally conscious electric Two-wheelers. Whether you are a daily commuter, an adventure seeker or someone looking for a cost-effective sustainable choice, here is an amazing list to rely on.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Two-Wheeler

While considering electric two-wheelers there are several options to account for. Such a selection process involves a thorough analysis of a wide variety of key factors. With advancements in technology and a surge of investment, manufacturers are pushing boundaries, delivering exceptional products in the electric range. The more options, more the confusion grows about what to choose from. Here are a few pointers to consider before you make a choice:

  • Range – To start with the first thing to consider in an electric two-wheeler is the range, i.e., the distance it can travel on a single charge. Consider your typical daily commutation needs and choose a vehicle with a range that comfortably covers your needs.
  • Performance – Next is evaluating factors such as speed, acceleration, and handling. Choose a vehicle that offers the performance characteristics you desire, whether you prioritize speed, torque, or smoothness.
  • Battery – The most important thing to consider is the battery capacity and type. High-quality batteries typically offer better performance and longevity. Additionally, consider factors such as charging time and compatibility with charging infrastructure.
  • Cost – Compare the upfront cost of the vehicle with long-term savings on fuel and maintenance. Generally, electric two-wheelers have lower operating costs as compared to their internal combustion engine counterparts but initial investment may be higher.
  • Safety features – Look for safety features such as anti-locking braking systems (ABS), traction control, and stability control. These features can enhance rider safety, especially in challenging road conditions.
  • Charging infrastructure – Another thing to consider is the food for the electric vehicle. Consider the availability of charging stations in your area and the compatibility of vehicles’s charging ports. Additionally, look for vehicles that support fast charging to minimize downtime.
  • Comfort and ergonomics – Comfort while riding is an essential requirement. Factors such as seat comfort, riding position, and suspension system make your ride convenient and hassle-free. Choose a vehicle that offers a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience, especially if the plan is for long-distance travelling.
  • Design and aesthetic – Personal preference plays an important role in choosing an electric two-wheeler. Consider factors such as design aesthetics, colour options, and customization options to ensure the vehicle matches your style and preferences.
  • Brand – Brand reputation plays a crucial role. Research the reputation of the manufacturer and their track record in producing high-quality electric vehicles. Moreover, take into account factors such as warranty coverage, after-sales support, and availability of spare parts.
  • Resale value – Many of the buyers do not focus on the resale value, considering the potential sale value of the vehicle and whether it offers upgradability options such as swappable battery upgrades or performance enhancements. Plus, future-proofing your investment ensures that your electric two-wheelers remain relevant and valuable over time.
  • Storage – Evaluate the vehicle’s storage options, including under-seat storage, front/rear compartments, and optional accessories such as cargo racks and panniers. Furthermore, integrated storage solutions can enhance the practicality and usability of daily commuting, grocery runs etc.
  • Regenerative braking system – Some electric two-wheelers are equipped with regenerative braking systems that capture energy during braking and feed it back into the battery. Consider whether the vehicle offers the feature, as it can enhance energy efficiency and extend range.

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Top 20 Electric Two-Wheelers in India

Revolt RV400

Revolt RV400 2024

The Revolt RV400 is one of the best options to choose from. It is sold in 3 variants breathing 170 Nm of maximum torque. Powering a 3 kW electric motor, with almost 108 kg weight. This e-bike has a 5-year or 75000 km warranty, compatible with a 15A socket. Moreover, this bike generally offers claimed ranges of 150 km in eco mode, 100 km in normal mode and 80 km in sports mode. Features like travel history, battery health, remaining range nearest swap station, mobile connectivity, geo-fencing, low battery alert and much more make it an amazing ride.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.38 – 1.48 Lakh Rupees 150 km/charge 72V 3.24 kWh Lithium-ion 4.5 hours 85 km/h 7.8 secs

Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette F77 2024

Another great option is the Ultraviolette F77, with 207 kg weight, disc brake up front and rear, LED lighting, ride analytics, navigation, geofencing, crash detection, 9-axis IMU and three ride modes: Glide, Combat and Ballistic. With 3 years or 30000 km warranty, this one is quite a great option. Additionally, a regenerative brake system, USB charging port, mobile connectivity, hazard lights, and emergency contact alert-like features are add-ons.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
3.80 – 5.60 Lakh Rupees 307 km/charge 10.3 kWh Lithium-ion 5 hours 152 km/h 7.8 secs

Tork Kratos R

Tork Kratos R 2024

Tork Kratos R comes with an Axial Flux-PM motor generating 7500 W maximum power. This e-bike has a combined braking system with a digital trip meter, speedometer, low battery alert, active throttle control, front storage box, hazard lights, navigation assist, and much more. Powering a 38 Nm of torque is a harmonious blend of comfort and speed.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.67 Lakh Rupees 180 km/charge 9 kWh Lithium-ion 4 hours 70 km/h N/A

Komaki Ranger

Komaki Ranger 2024

Komaki Ranger comes with amazing features like cruise control, push start button, low battery indicators, geo-fencing, EBS, USB charging ports, Call/SMS alerts and much more. Additionally, It has a BLDC motor type, and dual sound pipes with flame effects.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.86 Lakh Rupees 200 – 250 km/charge 4 kWh Lithium-ion 6 hours 105 km/h N/A

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Odysse Electric Evoqis

Odysse Electric Evoqis 2024

An incredible option in electric two-wheelers is the Odysse Electric Evoqis. With 170 mm ground clearance, alloy wheels, breathing 4300 W continuous power and 64 Nm of torque. Moreover, it has various drive modes, 5 colour options, double disc brakes, low battery alert, anti-theft alarm, remote start, and weighs 150 kg.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.71 Lakh Rupees 140 km/charge 4.32 kWh Lithium-ion 6 hours 80 km/h N/A

Odysse Electric VADER

Odysse Electric VADER 2024

The Odysse Electric VADER is powered by a 3000 W motor. From fast charging, excellent mobile connectivity, and navigation to fast charging, digital speedometer and trip meter. Additionally, it delivers 4500 W continuous power, 18 litres of storage space, a 7-inch Android display, an LED headlight, geofencing, an anti-theft alarm, and a navigation assist. Moreover, it weighs 128 kg.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.51 Lakh Rupees 125 km/charge 3.7 kWh Lithium-ion 4 hours 85 km/h N/A

Aero Ride Bravo

Aero Ride Bravo 2024

The Bravo comes with a double disc brake up front and rear. With a 3-year warranty, 6000 W continuous power, anti-theft alarm, digital speedometer, USB charging port, LED headlights, PMS motor type, reverse assistance, tubeless tyre, and digital display it’s a perfect choice.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.59 Lakh Rupees 90-110 km/charge 3 kWh Lithium-ion 4 hours 80 km/h N/A

Hero Electric Optima LA

Hero Electric Optima LA

The conventional-looking e-scooter from Hero Electric has aerodynamic body design, wide and comfortable seat and some other basic features. The strictly short-distance scooter, due to its low distance range, is provided with a 3-year vehicle warranty and a 1-year battery warranty.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
44,990 – 47,990 Rupees 50 km/charge 0.96 kWh Lead Acid 8 hours 25 km/h N/A

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Hero Electric Flash E2 Li

Hero Electric Flash E2 Li 2024

This one is an upgrade in terms of performance and range compared to the Optima, courtesy of Hero Electric Flash’s lithium-ion battery and other features. The charging time sees improvement and a list of extended features, against the initial Flash iteration, consisting of a digital speedometer, mag alloy wheels, LED headlamps, etc. Additionally, with its economical pricing, it’s a good budget-choice e-vehicle for daily commuters.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
52,990 – 59,640 Rupees 65 km/charge 48V 1.0 kWh Lithium-ion 5 hours 25 km/h N/A

Okinawa Lite

Okinawa Lite 2024

A cool e-scooter to hang out with, Okinawa Lite as the name suggests has a lightweight structure and compact dimensions. It uses a small-capacity li-ion battery and gets a limited running range that restricts it to the city outskirts. Inclined towards teenagers, college/schoolgoers and young females it gets a unique design layout. Presented in 6 vibrant shades its feature list consists of push start on/off, battery lock, auto handle lock, remote on function, detachable battery setup, and more.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
74,999 Rupees 50 – 60 km/charge 1.25 kWh Lithium-ion 5 hours 25 km/h N/A

Okinawa Praise Pro

Okinawa Praise Pro 2024

Claimed to boast style and safety, the Praise Pro is a sporty-looking e-scooter with a detachable lithium-ion battery pack. Some of its key features include a mobile charging USB port, big under-seat space, stylish tail lamp, double shocker at the rear, CNC machined with adjustable brake lever, front hydraulic telescopic suspension, keyless entry, broad tubeless tyres, e-ABS, and others.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
99,645 Rupees 81 km/charge 2.7 kWh Lithium-ion 3 hours 56 km/h N/A

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Ampere Zeal

Ampere Zeal 2024

Intended towards style and comfort, Ampere Zeal comes with a sleek design and lightweight construction. A product of the renowned Greaves (Crompton Greaves fame) engineering firm, Zeal gets a detachable portable battery pack. Furthermore, offered in 4 exuberant colours, one can choose the speed as per wish from the dual operating speed modes for a hassle-free city ride.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
96,690 Rupees 120 km/charge 2.2 kWh Lithium-ion 6 hours 55 km/h N/A

EeVe Xeniaa

EeVe Xeniaa 2024

The attractive-looking front coupled with full LED headlamps in EeVe’s flagship e-scooter Xeniaa makes it a glamorous choice in the segment. It derives power from a 250W Bosch motor and dons features such as USB Port, keyless entry, geo-tagging, anti-theft lock and others. The Xeniaa, which means friendship in Greek, can be a very reliable intra-city e-scooter for youngsters.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
69,900 – 86,999 Rupees 70 – 80 km/charge 1.2 kWh Lithium-ion 4 hours 55 km/h N/A

Birla DMS

Birla DMS 2024

Another great choice in E-bike is the Birla DMS with features like anti-theft alarm, digital speedometer, trip meter, central locking, various driving modes, LED headlights, hydraulic telescopic suspension, double disc brake, and digital instrument console.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.63 – 2.31 lakh Rupees 180 km/charge 1.56 kWh Lithium-ion 5-6 hours 150 km/h N/A

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BattRE Electric IOT

BattRE Electric IOT 2024

The BattRE IOT e-scooter features sporty graphics and amazing connectivity features. In addition to modern equipment like LED headlamps, tail lamps, turn indicators, digital LCD instrument console, USB charger, etc. Some tech elements: voice-enabled app, navigation assist, ride statistics, ride pattern-based AI suggestions and online service requests and records, SOS alerts, call alerts and many other great features are also offered. For buyers, the scooter is also made available online and can be purchased from Amazon.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
80,900 Rupees 60-165 km/charge 1.44 kWh Lithium-ion 2.5 hours 110 km/h N/A

Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak 2024

The household moniker in the 80’s and 90’s forays again in the two-wheeler category but in an electric avatar. Offered in two variants (Urbane and Premium) Bajaj Chetak features two riding modes, Eco and Sport. The Vespa-like retro-looking e-scooter is high on features and premium quotient. Interestingly, the new Chetak also gets a very handy and cool reverse mode for optimum convenience.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.15 – 1.35 Lakh Rupees 127 km/charge 3.2 kWh Lithium-ion 3.5 hours 63 km/h N/A

Ather 450X

Ather 450X 2024

The more advanced version of the Ather 450, 450X integrates a SIM card, Wi-Fi along Bluetooth connectivity that can manage phone calls and music on the touch display dashboard. Moreover, Presented in two variants – Plus and Pro – it gets four riding modes and three dual-tone colour choices.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.27 – 1.34 Lakh Rupees 150 km/charge 3.7 kWh Lithium-ion 5.4 hours 90 km/h 3.3 secs

Ola S1 Pro

Ola S1 Pro 2024

The cutting-edge scooter redefines urban mobility with its impressive features. Powered by an 11 kW mid-drive IPM motor, this has dynamic performance while maintaining efficiency. Its sleek body embodies a modern design, perfect for navigating bustling city streets with ease. Stay connected with a built-in clock, digital speedometer, and trip meter, providing real-time information at your fingertips.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.40 -1.47 lakh Rupees 195 km/charge 4 kWh Lithium-ion 6.5 hours 120 km/h N/A

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TVS iQube

tvs iqube 2024

TVS’s solo assault in the e-scooter category, iQube is big on features scooters. It gets a full-LED lighting system, TFT instrument cluster and smartphone connectivity, NAV assist, geo-fencing, ride range, charge status, over-speed alert and others. One of the best picks in the electric two-wheeler segment the edgy-design electric scooter has two ride modes and is available in a single variant.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
1.24 – 1.30 Lakh Rupees 145 km/charge 5.1 kWh Lithium-ion 4 hours 82 km/h N/A

Ola S1X

Ola S1 Pro 2024

An electric scooter has tremendous customization options and has 4 variants available. With amazing Bluetooth connectivity, low battery indicator, LED headlights, three riding modes, and road assistance etc.

Price Range BatteryType Charging Time Top Speed Acceleration
79,999 – 1.10 lakh Rupees 190 km/charge 4 kWh Lithium-ion 4-5 hours 90 km/h 3.3 secs

Please note, all the prices mentioned above are ex-showroom specific.


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