5 Most Affordable Long Range Electric Scooters In India
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5 Most Affordable Long-range Electric Scooters in India



With the future set to focus more on electric mobility, there has been an influx of several new automakers who are entering the market with electric scooters to charm those people who want an affordable mobility solution. However, most of these new electric scooter brands have unreliable, low-speed models, which are not destined to live long as durable and fuss-free products. Thankfully, there are a few electric scooters priced below Rs 1 lakh, which are also relatively new but have proven their reliability over a long time. Here are five of the most affordable long-range electric scooters sold in India, which offer decent durability and range for their daily commutes:

Pure EV EPluto 7G

Pure EV EPluto 7G - Most Affordable Long-range Electric Scooters

One look at the Pure EV EPluto 7G will make you feel that it looks like a cheap replica of a popular Italian scooter. However, compared to that, the EPluto 7G comes with cost-effective components and a completely different all-electric powertrain. Priced at Rs 83,999, the Pure EV EPluto 7G is currently the most affordable and popular long-range electric scooter.

The overall equipment list of the Pure EV EPluto 7G is quite basic, with the scooter coming with halogen lights all around. It also has a basic digital instrument console, 12-inch wheels with alloy at the front and chrome rearview mirrors. There are six colour options for the Pure EV EPluto 7G – red, yellow, black, white, blue and grey.

Specifications Pure EV EPluto 7G
Electric Motor Power 2.2kW
Top Speed 60 kmph
Battery Capacity 2.5kWh
Charging time (0-100%, with 3.3kW AC charger) 4 hours
Maximum Range 90-120 km
Price (ex-showroom) Rs 83,999

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Ola S1 X

Ola S1 X - Affordable Long-range Electric Scooters in India

Ola Electric is hellbent on achieving the top-spot in the two-wheeler market of India with its only-electric offerings. It started with the S1 and S1 Pro models, but considering that they have moved up the price ladder with the S1 Air and S1 Pro second-gen models, it has lowered its entry-level price point with the S1 X models.

Available in three variants, the Ola S1 X is the cost-effective version of the Ola S1 Air, with it missing out on many fancy features from the more-premium Ola scooters while getting partly-painted body panels. In its range-starting variants, it even misses out on the touchscreen instrument console and digital key, and instead gets a physical key. Offered with two battery pack options across its three variants, the Ola S1 X claims to offer best-in-class performance with segment-best battery and motor specifications.

Specifications Ola S1 X 2kWh Ola S1 X 3kWh Ola S1 X+ 3kWh
Electric Motor Power 6 kW 6 kW 6 kW
Top Speed 85 kmph 90 kmph 90 kmph
Battery Capacity 2 kWh 3 kWh 3 kWh
Charging time (0-100%, with 3.3kW AC charger) 7.4 hours 7.4 hours 7.4 hours
Maximum Range 91 km 151 km 151 km
Price (ex-showroom) Rs 89,999 Rs 99,999 Rs 1,09,999

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Benling Aura

Benling Aura- Long-range Electric Scooters in India

Like the Pure EV EPluto 7G, the Benling Aura is a cheap rip-off of a renowned Italian scooter. Unlike its source of inspiration, it is not powered by a 125cc or a 150cc engine but by an all-electric powertrain. Compared to the EPluto 7G, the Benling Aura has slightly larger dimensions, but it also comes with a curvaceous-looking front apron, rounded side body panels and a flat floorboard.

For its price, the Benling Aura is equipped with decent features like 12-inch wheels (front is alloy), a USB port for phone charging, four riding modes (low, eco, sports and turbo) and an anti-theft protection system. The scooter debuted in India with a basic lead-acid battery setup but now gets a more new-age and long-lasting lithium-ion setup for its battery. It is being offered in three colour options – Matt Black, Matt Plum Purple and Glossy Blue.

Specifications Benling Aura
Electric Motor Power 2.5kW
Top Speed 65 kmph
Battery Capacity 2.88kWh
Charging time (0-100%, with 3.3kW AC charger) 4 hours
Maximum Range 120 km
Price (ex-showroom) Rs 93,662

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Ampere Zeal EX

Ampere Zeal EX

The Ampere Zeal EX started its life as the Ampere Rio low-range electric scooter, which was an assembled version of body kits from Chinese component suppliers – like most of the affordable, low-range electric scooters sold in India. However, with the help of in-house expertise, the design and powertrain setup of the scooter evolved with time, and now, it has been re-branded as Zeal EX, with the credentials of a high-range scooter.

The Ampere Zeal EX retains the design of the now-discontinued Rio low-range scooter but differentiates itself with new body decals. It gets the same set of features, battery and motor, which are being offered in the slightly more-premium Ampere Magnus EX scooter. Equipped with decent features like a digital instrument console, side stance cut-off and two riding modes, the Zeal EX is now the most affordable electric scooter from Ampere Electric.

Specifications Ampere Zeal EX
Electric Motor Power 1.8 kW
Top Speed 55 kmph
Battery Capacity 2.3 kWh
Charging time (0-100%, with 3.3kW AC charger) 5 hours
Maximum Range 120 km
Price (ex-showroom) Rs 96,690

Okinawa Praise Pro

Okinawa Praise Pro

If there is one electric scooter which rose to popularity from nowhere in its initial days, it is the Okinawa Praise Pro. While the rise of more premium scooters from Ola Electric and Ather Energy has slowed down its pace of growth, the Okinawa Praise Pro is still much preferred by budget-conscious buyers for its lower price point and decent features list.

The Okinawa Praise Pro looks new-age with all-LED lighting at the front and rear, digital instrument console, side stand cut off, USB mobile charger and location finder. It also comes with a detachable lithium-ion battery, which allows the owners to take the battery out of the scooter and charge it at the convenience of their home.

Specifications Okinawa Praise Pro
Electric Motor Power 2.7 kW
Top Speed 56 kmph
Battery Capacity 2.08 kWh
Charging time (0-100%, with 3.3kW AC charger) 2-3 hours
Maximum Range 81 km
Price (ex-showroom) Rs 99,645

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