Compare Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner: Which One is Good?
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Comparsion Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner



Compare New Jeep Compass vs New Toyota Fortuner

Jeep Compass Vs Toyota Fortuner


Automotive Journalists across the country are swearing by the growing popularity of compact SUVs in the Indian car market. It almost makes one wonder, if these cars are so impressive, then have they rendered the full-size SUV segment and its offerings completely redundant. To find out we will compare one of the most exciting cars of the compact SUV class- the Jeep Compass against one of the most arguably popular full-size SUV of the country- The Toyota Fortuner. So, let’s check out our case study.


It is obvious that the compact SUV in this comparison does not stand strong against the Toyota Fortuner (dimensionally speaking). The Fortuner is obviously bigger and seats seven passengers, whereas the Jeep compass is only offered in a five-seater layout. The surprising fact however is that both cars come with comparable ground clearance stats. Toyota Fortuner’s ground clearance only has 6mm over the ground clearance offered by Jeep Compass.

Dimensions Jeep Compass Toyota Fortuner
Length 4395mm 4795mm
Width 1818mm 1855mm
Height 1640mm 1835mm
Wheelbase 2636mm 2734mm
Ground clearance 178mm 184mm



The Jeep Compass is powered by an impressive 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine which produces 163PS of peak power output. This is a high-performance number for an engine which is only 1,368cc in size. The more than twice the size 2,694cc naturally aspirated motor in Fortuner only manages to trump Compass’s power output by a relatively insignificant margin of 3bhp.

Torque figures is where it gets interesting. The 1.4 litre motor is 5Nm torquier than the engine found in Toyota Fortuner. Even the transmission option offered in Jeep Compass with its dual-clutch gearbox is superior than the 6-speed paddle shifter found in the Toyota.

Petrol Jeep Compass Toyota Fortuner
Engines 1.4L Turbo 2.7L Naturally Aspirated
Power 163PS 166PS
Torque 250Nm 245Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT/ 7-speed AT (dual-clutch) 5-speed MT/6-speed AT (paddle shifter)
Mileage 14.10kmp l14.24kmpl

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The power stats are even more competitive when we compare the diesel variants of these two SUVs. The 2.0-litre mill produces 173PS which is only 4PS less than the peak power output produced by the 2.8 litre powerplant found in the Fortuner. Where Fortuner regains some points is in terms of its torque stat. At 420Nm, Toyota Fortuner has 70Nm over the Jeep Compass and this motor comes coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox. Toyota Fortuner is also offered with the option of an automatic gearbox which comes with paddle shifter.

Diesel Jeep Compass Toyota Fortuner
Engines 2.0L 2.8L
Power 173PS 177PS
Torque 350Nm 420Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT 6-speed MT/AT (paddle shifters)
Mileage 17.10kmpl 15.04kmpl


It is safe to say even though one can pit certain features of these cars against one other, both cars are in a class of their own. Even so, one must wonder with powertrain and mechanical components of Jeep Compass, which in many aspects are superior to those in the Fortuner and in others impose a tough competition to the full-size SUV in terms of performance stats. Why are the consumers paying the premium for the Japanese SUV? Or to rephrase, Jeep Compass might just be the bargain of the century amongst the premium SUVs on offer in India.

Jeep Compass Rs. 17.73 Lakh
Toyota Fortuner Rs. 30.66 Lakh

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