Deepika Padukone Car Collection: Audi Q7 to Mercedes Maybach S500
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Deepika Padukone Car Collection – from a Mini Cooper Convertible to a Mercedes Maybach S500



Among all the current actresses from Bollywood, Deepika Padukone has carved a place for her as one of the most dependable stars in the industry. The actress has become one of the highest-paid stars in Bollywood in a rather short time, which is purely commendable.

Known for prowess in acting skills, Deepika Padukone owns limited and rather subtle cars in comparison to cars owned by her husband Ranveer Singh. However, make no mistake, for these cars are considered to be one of the bests in the world of luxury motoring. Following are all the cars owned by Deepika Padukone to date:

Audi Q7

Deepika Padukone car collection - audi q7

The Audi Q7 was the first-ever luxury car that was bought by Deepika Padukone when her journey of success in Bollywood had just commenced. Back then, the Audi Q7 was the most popular car among Bollywood stars, and there are multiple reasons to prove that. The massive road presence, classy design and comfortable seats of the Audi Q7 were the factors that impressed the rich who were able to afford this the-then flagship SUV from Audi. The one owned by Deepika Padukone is finished in a shade of silver and is the first-generation model, which was available here in India from 2007 to 2015.

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Audi A8L

Deepika Padukone car collection - Audi A8L

The next luxury car which was added to Deepika Padukone’s car collection was Audi’s flagship sedan globally, the A8. The Audi A8 owned by the Bollywood actress was the long-wheelbase version, which is known as A8 L and is finished in an exquisite shade of dark blue. The Audi A8 L was launched in India through the CBU route and was offered as a direct alternative to super-luxury saloons like Mercedes Benz S-Class, Jaguar XJ and BMW 7-Series. While the Audi A8 L was not as hugely popular as its other rivals, it arrived with a classy design with segment-first features like massaging function for seats and full LED lighting.

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Mini Cooper Convertible

Deepika Padukone car collection - Mini Cooper Convertible

The Mini Cooper Convertible is easily the funkiest looking option from the entire car collection of Deepika Padukone. The actress was spotted a couple of times in this cute little neo-retro cabriolet, which is finished in a cool looking shade of electric blue and come with custom-made white coloured interiors. Ever since it arrived in India, the Mini Cooper Convertible has always been a petrol-only model and is a unique offering in the luxury segment for its rare combination of a two-door hatchback with an opening roof.

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Mercedes Maybach S500

Deepika Padukone car collection - Mercedes Maybach S500

The Mercedes Maybach S500 is the latest addition to Deepika Padukone’s car collection, and the actress is spotted being driven in this car only most of the time. She was one of the first Bollywood stars to go for the Mercedes Maybach S500, which has become one of the most sought after choices among celebrities in recent times. The most expensive and luxurious sedan in the entire lineup of Mercedes Benz, the Mercedes Maybach S500 owned by Deepika Padukone is the previous generation model of the sedan and is finished in an ultra-luxurious shade of black.


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