Vazirani Ekonk: Key highlights about the new revolutionary electric hypercar
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Vazirani Ekonk: Key highlights about the new revolutionary electric hypercar



Vazirani Ekonk Top 5 Highlights

The India-based start-up Vazirani automotive has just dropped a bomb in the form of the supercool Ekonk electric hypercar, which promises to be one of the path-wavers of the future of high-performance electric cars in India. The Vazirani Ekonk hides bundles of character under its minimalist skin, which makes it a technological marvel. Following are some of the key highlights which make the Vazirani Ekonk a truly special car in the world of electric vehicles:

It is not the first car from Vazirani Automotive

Vazirani Ekonk Super Electric Car

Vazirani automotive might be a new and unheard name for many people. However, this Indian automotive start-up is not new to making cars. The company has already proven its mettle with its first-ever electric hypercar ‘Shul’, which was previewed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK back in 2018. Vazirani automotive will make use of its expertise and battery technology developed for the Ekonk in the production version of the Shul, which might see the light of production in 2022.

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It is lighter than the lightest passenger car on sale

Vazirani Ekonk features

With a kerb weight of just 738 kg, the Vazirani Ekonk electric hypercar is almost 20 kgs lighter than the Maruti Suzuki Alto, which currently is the lightest car on sale in the country. The immensely light kerb weight of the Vazirani Ekonk is down to the fact that the entire body of the electric hypercar is completely made up of carbon fibre.

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There’s an interesting hidden meaning in its name

Vazirani Ekonk price in india

Like its predecessor ‘Shul’, the Vazirani Ekonk also derives its name from Hindu mythology. The name has been derived from the Hindi term ‘Ek Onkar, which in Indian scriptures means the beginning of the divine light, commonly known as the big bang. Vazirani Automotive believes that the new Ekonk electric hypercar will pave the path for a new beginning for powerful electric hypercars in India for the future.

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It gets a very smooth and minimalist design

The Vazirani Ekonk wears a very futuristic and minimalist looking design, which is very aerodynamic and proudly has one of the least drag coefficients among all-electric hypercars of the world. For achieving a low drag coefficient, the Vazirani Ekonk has a slanting front design with smooth curves over all four wheels, covered panels for rear wheels and air scoops on the front bumper, bonnet and above the headrest of the single-seat it gets.

It gets interesting standout design bits

Apart from the aerodynamic design highlights, the Vazirani Ekonk has a few other design bits which make it a very interesting car to look at. Firstly, it is a single-seater car, with the seat mounted on the right-hand side of the car. It gets a single sleek LED bar at the front and five horizontally stacked light bars at the rear, which serve as the main headlamp and tail lamps respectively. The covers over the rear wheels are adorned with ‘Ek’ badges, which mean ‘one’ in Hindi.

It has a staggering power-to-weight ratio

Powering the Vazirani Ekonk are two electric motors, with one motor present on each of the rear wheels which give the hypercar a rear-wheel-drive configuration. The combined power output of these two electric motors is rated at 712 bhp, which makes it the most powerful electric hypercar from India. Factor in its extremely low kerb weight of 738 kg, and the Vazirani Ekonk nearly achieves the perfect power-to-weight ratio of 1:1

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It is lightning quick

The power output figure of 712 bhp might have given you a slight hint of how quick the performance of the Vazirani Ekonk will be. The performance figures of the Ekonk lie in the supercar territory, including the 0-100 kph sprint time of 2.54 seconds and a top speed of 309 kph. Both these parameters have been achieved at the National Automotive Test Track (NATRAX) by none other than the company’s CEO Chunky Vazirani himself.

It has a very unique battery cooling technology

Compared to the conventional liquid cooling technology for batteries which are unsustainable and complex, the Vazirani Ekonk gets a unique direct air cooling. Termed as DiCo (Direct Cooling) technology, this solid-state direct cooling makes use of the air entering from the front vents. This not only saves a lot of weight in favour of the car but is highly cost-effective too, given that the conventional liquid cooling system employs a heavy piping structure in its construction.


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