Fully-electric Yamaha EMF Scooter Debuts, developed in collaboration with Gogoro
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Fully-electric Yamaha EMF Scooter Debuts, developed in collaboration with Gogoro



Yamaha EMF Scooter price in india

Yamaha has expanded its all-electric portfolio by launching the all-new EMF electric scooter in Taiwan. The new Yamaha EMF has been specifically developed for the Taiwanese market in collaboration with Gogoro, a renowned battery maker from Taiwan.

Developed in collaboration with Gogoro

Under the collaboration with Gogoro, the Yamaha EMF is on sale with a battery swapping technology, much like the Bounce Infinity which is already on sale in India.

As per this technology, the battery of the Yamaha EMF can be swapped with a new fully charged battery at any of the battery swapping stations of Gogoro across Taiwan. This technology eliminates the requirement of waiting to charge the scooter even at a fast-charging station, as one gets an immediate availability of a fully charged battery. The exhausted battery needs to be kept there at the same battery-swapping station, where it will be charged for its next usage cycle.

The Yamaha EMF is the second product that has been jointly developed with Gogoro, with the first being the Yamaha EC-05 which is already on sale in Taiwan since 2019. It should be noted that Gogoro has already partnered with Hero MotoCorp for setting up battery swapping stations in India. It also hints at a possible electric scooter that can be jointly developed by Hero and Gogoro, much like the Yamaha EMF.

Design and Features

The Yamaha EMF has a quirky design, which makes it look very different from the rest of the scooters Yamaha sells in Taiwan. The design looks functional with flat surfaces and lines, with a minimal front apron housing a vertically-stacked small LED headlamp assembly in its lower part. The same layout is followed for the LED tail lamp as well.

The scooter also comes with a fully digital instrument console, which supports turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and telematics like last parked location and vehicle health. The Yamaha EMF comes with a large single-piece seat and a split floorboard.


Powering the Yamaha EMF is a 7.6 kW mid-mounted motor, which transfers the power to the rear wheel of the scooter using a chain drive. With a maximum power output of 10.2 bhp and a torque output of 26 Nm, the scooter can propel from 0 to 50 kmph mark in 3.5 seconds, which is quick by the standards of entry-level electric scooters. While Yamaha hasn’t disclosed the battery rating and maximum riding range of the battery of the EMF, it has mentioned that the battery weighs 21 kg.


While the design of the Yamaha EMF is unconventional, the basic structure of the scooter under the skin remains otherwise. The scooter features a suspension combination of hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and dual hydraulic coil springs at the back. The scooter gets disc brakes at both ends, with the combined braking system (CBS) offered as standard.

Will it come to India

For the time being, the Yamaha EMF is strictly developed for the Taiwanese market. The scooter will not come to India in any case.

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