Top 10 Revolutionary Features of Ola S1 Electric Scooter Which Make It an Innovative Product
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Top 10 Revolutionary Features of Ola S1 Electric Scooter Which Make It an Innovative Product



Ola S1 electric scooter features

While electric scooters were already available in India for quite a long time, the new Ola S1 is seen as a potential game changer among all. The reason you ask? It packs in a number of first-in-class features and segment-best traits, which have left all the other electric scooter as well as conventional scooters behind, thus making it an exceptional value for your money.

Following are the most talked-about features which have made the Ola S1 electric scooter the new talk of the town:

Best-in-class Electric Motor

Both the variants of the Ola S1 electric scooter are powered by a 8.5 kW electric motor, which makes it the most powerful powertrain for an electric scooter. While the S1 can cover 0-40 kmph in 3.6 seconds, the more premium S1 Pro is faster with a claimed 0-40 kmph sprint of 3 seconds. Also, while the top speed of S1 is 90 kmph, that of S1 Pro is 115 kmph.

Best-in-class Battery

The Ola S1 electric battery is rated at 3.92 kWh, which is the biggest electric battery to be fitted in an electric scooter in India. This swappable battery offers a maximum riding range of 121 km in the base S1 and 181 km in more powerful S1 Pro. This is the best possible riding range to have ever claimed by an electric scooter.

Fast Charging Through ‘Hyperchargers’

Ola Electric has come up with exclusive network of fast-chargers. These ‘hyperchargers’ have already marked their presence in over 1000 cities, with 400 more to add up by the end of 2021. The battery of the Ola S1 can charged up to 50 per cent by these hyperchargers in just 18 minutes.

Ola S1 electric scooter mileage

Cruise Control

A feature which was only restricted to cars and high-end super expensive motorcycles, the cruise control has made its way in the Ola S1 as well. This gives it an effortless riding experience at constant speeds on highways.

Reverse Riding Mode

The Ola S1 also comes with a unique reverse riding mode. This is similar to the reverse gear in cars. There is a reverse mode button in the switchgear, and pressing this button enables the reverse mode. On engaging this, as soon as you twist the throttle, the scooter starts going in reverse.

Hill Hold Assist

Another feature derived from cars and premium motorcycles is that of hill hold assist. As per this feature, the electric motor of the scooter holds the scooter for 3 seconds, as soon as it senses that it is on an inclined surface. This is surely going to be a handy feature while riding uphill roads.

Keyless Ignition

Unlike other scooters which gets a conventional key and ignition keyhole, the Ola S1 uses proximity sensors to lock and unlock itself, in sync with a mobile application. As soon as you move closer to it, the scooter unlocks itself, and you can start riding it.

Display Modes in Instrument Console

The 7-inch touchscreen for the instrument console comes with four pre-configured different display modes termed as ‘moods’. These different ‘moods’ for the instrument console are Bold (having sporty race-themed graphics), Care (having plant and eco-themed graphics), Vintage (with conventional theme showing analog dials) and Wonder (having a cool futuristic display theme).

Ola S1 electric scooter Price

Voice Command System

The Ola S1 is the first scooter in the country to get voice-operated virtual assistant, called ‘Hey Ola’. On saying this welcome command, one can operate a number of functions of the scooter, such as turning on the music, adjusting volume of the music, attending and disconnecting a phone call, operating in-built navigation system, and so on. The scooter also comes with in-built speakers for listening to music on the go.

Largest Under-seat Storage Compartment

As compared to all the scooters available out there, the Ola S1 gets the biggest under-seat storage compartment of 50 liters. This makes it capacious enough to accommodate two medium-sized helmets.


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