Geneva Motor Show 2018: Volkswagen Unveiled ID Vizzion (Electric Car)
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Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Concept Showcased at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show



Volkswagen Unveils the stunning ID Vizzion at Geneva International Motor Show 2018.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Concept Showcased

Volkswagen has revealed its electric car concept- the I.D. Vizzion. It will join the ranks of German automaker’s other autonomous vehicles which include I.D. Buzzz and I.D. cross. This concept is capable of offering level 5 autonomy, which means the driver can control the vehicle with voice commands and gesture controls. To assist the driver, Volkswagen has installed a sophisticated artificial intelligence system which constantly records data to predict scenarios and design and execute an action plan via machine learning.

The artificial intelligence system uses visual data which has been fed by the company using images of cars, pedestrians, trucks and bikes to distinguish between the same. Other components like ultrasonic sensors, inter-connected laser scanners, and radar sensors are also utilized to re-calibrate the speed of the vehicle depending on the distance between them. The side mirrors have been replaced by high definition cameras which again feed the information to the A.I. The machine learning is further assisted by the instantaneous information sharing, which smart cars access amongst each other.

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Geneva 2018: Volkswagen Revealed I.D. Vizzion Autonomous Car

I.D. Vission comes with fully reclining seats and a very spacious cabin which is void of a steering wheel and pedals, courtesy of the autonomy. Other features include colour changing windows, biometric and facial recognition. The car is also capable of customizing its settings depending on the user. This is achieved by pairing the user’s cell phone with the car. There is also a virtual assistant which uses the same feature to recommend places of interest for the occupants. It is expected that the I.D Vizzion will go into production sometime in 2021.

The car showcased at the Geneva Motor Show is based on the company’s MEB platform and is powered by a set of two electric motors. The motor in the front produces 100 PS of power whilst the one at the rear generates 200PS of peak grunt. Both motors get their individual electronic transmissions and are powered by a 111kWh Li-ion battery. Volkswagen claims that I.D. Vizzion is capable of offering a driving range of 650+ kilometres.

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