Tata Motors Introduces 1st-Ever AMT CNG Cars: Tiago & Tigor iCNG AMT!
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Tata Motors Hails Successful Introduction of 1st-Ever AMT CNG Cars, Tiago iCNG AMT and Tigor iCNG AMT!



Revolution in Industry by introducing the First ever, in India, The AMT CNG cars – Tiago iCNG AMT and Tigor iCNG AMT

Tata Motors Hails successful introduction of 1st ever AMT CNG Cars

The brand new, Tiago and Tigor iCNG AMT (automatic manual transmission) – India’s 1st AMT CNG Cars are today launched by Tata Motors. India’s leading Automobile Manufacturer, Tata Motors has presented these today in the market with full-fledged details and future prospects.

Starting Prices for both models are:

Tiago iCNG ₹ 7.89 lakhs (Ex-showroom)
Tigor iCNG ₹ 8.84 lakhs (Ex-showroom)

Bookings for both these models have already started with a booking amount of ₹ 21,000.

Variants for both the Models

Both these models are available in various choices with incredible feature add-ons.

Tiago iCNG Variants

Variants Price (Ex-showroom)
XTA ₹ 7,89,900
XZA+ ₹ 8,79,900
XZA + DT ₹ 8,89,900
XZA NRG ₹ 8,79,900


Tigor iCNG Variants

Variants Price (Ex-showroom)
XZA ₹ 8,84,900
XZA+ ₹ 9,54,900

More about this Launch

Being a pioneer in automobile innovation, Tata Motors has introduced a significant advancement in the world of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. The launch of the Tata Tiago iCNG and Tata Tigor iCNG equipped with Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), has marked a milestone in the automotive landscape of India.

Reasons Why combining CNG and AMT was such a trouble

CNG, being a cleaner option has always been in rising demand. Significantly cheaper with the lowest operating cost and more focused on greener mobility, it has attained the title of being the favourite among the public. But the non-availability of Automated Manual Transmission has always been a concern. Here are the reasons why CNG Cars were never seen with AMT.

CNG means lack of Low-End power

Vehicles running on CNG often exhibit reduced torque and sluggishness during initial acceleration due to lower energy density as compared to Gasoline.

Lag in acceleration

CNG + AMT = Lag in acceleration

Due to the characteristics of the AMT system, it tends to have a slower response time compared to traditional automatic transmission. Additionally, the lower energy density can contribute to perceived delays as well.

High cost

Another challenge associated with the CNG and AMT models is the setup costs which are relatively higher impacting the market.

Tata Motors came up with minimal costs like always, check out the above-mentioned starting prices.

Possibility of Premature Clutch wear

The unique characteristics of CNG such as lower torque and lower RPMs can place additional strain on the clutch system, especially during the frequent stop-and-go culture in the cities.

Well, it’s Tata Motors!

Revolutionising the forefront of the CNG market with cutting-edge technology and industry-first features, Tata Motors has put all these issues to an end.

Features It offers

One of the additional key highlights over and above solving the reasons why not, is the innovative Twin-Cylinder Technology. It ensures optimal utilization of space without compromising on the boot space.

Moreover, Tata Motors has integrated high-end features and facilitated direct start functionality in its CNG Variants. Providing consumers with an enhanced driving experience.

Further, the addition of seamless gear transitions and effortless manoeuvrability using AMT is itself setting a new benchmark.

Tata’s old affair with CNG

The success of Tata Motors in the CNG segment is evident from its remarkable performance. Having sold over 1.3 Lakhs CNG vehicles in the past 24 months as addressed by Mr. Amit Kamat, Chief Commercial Officer of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Limited, shows its significant success in the CNG market.

This impressive track record underscores Tata Motors’ commitment to meeting customer demands and driving innovation in sustainable mobility solutions. Tata has no plans to rest this innovation on just these two models but the others like Altroz and Punch are in line too.

By offering intelligent, safe, and powerful CNG vehicles, Tata has witnessed a remarkable 67.9% increase in CNG sales in FY 2024.


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