10 Best Car Cleaning Dusters You Can Buy Online
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Ten Best Car Cleaning Dusters You Can Buy Online



While a microfiber cleaning cloth surely comes in handy for periodic cleaning of your car, it might not be capable enough for thorough cleaning purposes. This is where the bigger car dusters come into effect, with their bigger size and easy operation making them suitable to clean bigger surfaces in one go. Following are some of the most popular and economical car cleaning dusters which you can buy online:

Jopasu Car Duster

One of the most suitable car dusters, the Jopasu Car Duster is a medium-sized duster, which is capable of covering a larger surface area. This duster can be washed with water after every use, which makes it practical for multiple times of use. The base of the Jopasu car duster is made of good plastic, which makes it durable to use even for a longer duration. The long handle of this duster offers a good grip, which makes it easy to use even for those points which are not easily accessible. For a longer life span, the cotton strands of this duster have a wax coating over them.

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Jopasu Car Duster Combo

Another car duster from Jopasu, this particular duster is a combination of two different dusters, both of which are designed to serve different purposes. The first duster is a large-sized one, which can be used for cleaning the panels which have a large surface area, such as door panels and bonnet. The second duster provided in the package is mini can be used for windows and inner parts of the dashboard. Both these dusters have soft bases which come attached with strands of different sizes.

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Tony Stark Microfiber Car Cleaning Duster

The Tony Stark Microfiber car cleaning duster might not be as heroic as its name sounds, but it serves as one practical and flexible duster to use. This duster comes with a long and flexible handle, which makes it suitable to use for cleaning the roof, which can be inaccessible to reach for shorter people. This duster has grey-coloured microfiber strands which are of high quality and soft enough to clean door panels and windows as well. Due to their softness, the strand of this duster does not cause any kind of scratches on the surface.

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Getko With Device Microfiber Duster

The overall design of the Getko With device microfiber duster looks very much similar to the Tony Stark microfiber car cleaning duster mentioned above, due to its black-coloured handle and grey coloured strands. However, it has its individualistic characteristics, such as a longer upper part which measures 40 cm, which makes the total length of the duster at 87 cm. This makes it long enough to adjust according to your cleaning task. The handle also comes with a soft grip, which makes it comfortable to hold.

OAN Car Cleaning Duster

The high-quality microfiber strands of the OAN car cleaning duster are perfect enough to clean even the hard accumulated dust in tight areas like inner panels of the dashboard and AC vents and between the doors and pillars. Apart from a long and easy-to-hold handle, the OAN car cleaning duster comes with a rounded base, which is bulged up from the middle. This design gives it a good base that makes it equally accessible for both flat panels and inner corners.

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Auto Car Winner Microfibre Duster

The Auto Car Winner microfiber duster is one of the most economical dusters on this list, the size and quality of which might over-exceed your expectations. This low-cost duster comes with high-quality strands, which are scratch-free and can be used for both dry cleaning for dusting or polishing and wet cleaning while giving a proper water wash on the outside. The bigger base and longer strands of the Auto Car Winner microfiber duster gives it a large surface area, due to which it can have a faster cleaning speed.

Touaretails Flexible Car Cleaning Duster

The Touaretails flexible car cleaning duster is one of the toughest and most durable car cleaning dusters on this list. The overall body of this duster is made of anti-absorbent synthetic leather material, which gives it the required longevity. The long handle of this duster is made of pure stainless steel, which is also another reason why this duster is capable of living longer. Another interesting highlight which might appeal to a few buyers is the availability of a mini paintbrush in its package, which can be used for small painting tasks.

Zantex Car Microfiber Mop Duster

Unlike the other black or grey coloured dusters, the Zantex car microfiber mop duster looks colourful with its red coloured handle and blue-coloured microfiber strands mounted on its black base. To ensure that it feels durable in the long run, the upper part of the base of this duster is made of hard plastic material. To clean panels placed at a height, such as a roof, the duster has an expandable handle made of stainless steel. The large size of this duster makes it suitable for instant cleaning.

Lukzer 360-degree Car Duster

Unlike other dusters in this list, which get microfiber strands attached to only one side of the base, the Lukzer 360-degree car duster comes with thick strands attached to all the sides of its cylindrical base. This makes it effective for a 360-degree cleaning. The handle of this duster is made of stainless steel, which ends up with a cylindrical base, which gets grey-coloured strands attached all around it. The handle of this duster is telescopic, which makes it suitable to use even for the roof.

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Lukzer Microfiber Car Duster

This is another car duster from the house of Lukzer. However, unlike the one mentioned above, this duster does not offer a 360-degree cleaning. Instead, it gets a more conventional design with a black-coloured handle and base and single-sided blue-coloured strands. The duster is comprised of an expandable handle made of stainless steel with an anti-slide sponge grip. It is easy to maintain too, as it requires just a simple shake to get rid of the accumulated dust.

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