5 Best Car Perfumes in India in 2021 For Car Owners
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5 Best Car Perfumes For Car Owners In India



A car perfume is one must-to-have thing in your vehicle which enhances the interior ambience of the car and make it a pleasant place to be in. Also help in deodorizing the other possible smells like that of plastic and moisture, a car perfume thankfully doesn’t take in much space and small enough to fit in your palms.

These car perfumes are commonly available across all supermarkets, online e-commerce stores and even small car accessory shops. Following is a list of five best car perfumes in India, all of which are quite economic and priced under Rs 500.

Godrej Aer Twist

Godrej Aer Twist - Best Car Perfumes in India


The Godrej Aer Twist is one of the most popular car perfumes which are widely used in all parts of India. This is basically a car perfume which uses gel rather than liquid for its essence compound, which makes it easy and less vulnerable to store even in high temperature conditions.

The Godrej Aer Twist comes in a small hemispherical cup, which gets an equally sized hemispherical cap with a large rounded hole in it for carrying it from one place to another. The cap comes with a rotating mechanism which shuts off the upper layer designed in the form of grille.

Godrej offers the Aer Twist perfume in a total of eight different fragrances to choose from, all of which are priced similarly but come in different colored bottles to signify their respective fragrances. The perfume case can be stored on the top of the dashboard of your car by placing its base on it, which can get fixed with the help of a tape or adhesive.

While the Godrej Aer Twist has a nice fragrance and its gel is capable of lasting for two months, the fragrance fades away quickly if the cap is not shut off when not in use.

NameGodrej Aer Twist
Weight200 gm
Volume45 ml

Pros – Less vulnerable to store even in high temperature conditions

Cons – Fades away quickly if the cap is not shut off when not in use

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Ambi Pur Jasmine

Ambi Pur Jasmine - Best Car Perfumes in India

 Another popular car perfume which is in the market for many years now is the Ambi Pur Jasmine. While its design might not be attractive to look at like the others in this list here, it is aesthetically well designed which makes it very practical and effective. As the name suggests, it uses the fragrance of jasmine, which is slightly strong and effective in nature.

The overall structure of Ambi Pur Perfume is made up of plastic, and has a very small container for the perfume. This container has a switch on it, which has five different levels from 1 to 5, which adjusts the amount of fragrance to be dispersed in the cabin.

The Ambi Pur Jasmine comes with a fixing mechanism, through which one can mount it on any one of the AC vents as well. The air blowing out of the AC vents help the fragrance to spread in the cabin even faster. The Ambi Pur Jasmine can last for two months at most, making it a fantastic purchase for the asking price.

NameAmbi Pur Jasmine
Weight68 gm
Volume7 ml

Pros – Aesthetically well designed, Easy fixing mechanism

Cons – Less in quantity

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My Shaldan

My Shaldan - Best Car Perfumes in India


This Japanese car perfume is a bit on expensive side as compared to the other names in this list. However, the long lasting fragrance it promises is worth the extra premium you pay for it.

There are two different citrus fragrances to choose from in the My Shaldan car perfume – lemon and orange. In both the fragrances, the main ingredient happens to be the limonene oil, which is manufactured from peels of 500 citrus fruits. This is the main reason behind its tangy fragrance, which can last up to 2 months.

The My Shaldan car perfume comes in a small cylindrical container which comes in the shape of a regular ice cream cup. This car be placed either on the top of the dashboard with the help of a double sided tape or can be kept in one of the cup holders of your car. Due to its portability and flat base, it can also be used as a room freshener in your home as well.

NameMy Shaldan
Weight81.6 gm
Volume16 ml

Pros – Long lasting fragrance, Portable to carry

Cons – Slightly expensive, Fragrance can be strong at times

Involve One Musk

Involve One Musk - Best Car Air Freshener in india


The fragrance of musk has always been one of the most preferred ones by men, when it comes to perfumes. However, the feel of same fragrance can be enjoyed in your car as well, as the Involve One Musk gets the same kind of fragrance, but in a small container of car perfume.

Like the My Shaldan car perfume, the Involve One Musk too comes in a small cylindrical container, which can be either placed in any one of the cup holders, or kept atop of the car’s dashboard. This car perfume uses a gel composed of chemicals, which do give a scent similar to your regular musk body perfume.

The fragrance is strong enough to spread rapidly even in larger car cabins of three-row SUVs and MUVs. The container of the Involve One Musk car perfume comes with a slider lid, with which you can keep it covered/closed when not in requirement.

NameInvolve One Musk
Weight40.8 gm
Volume16 ml

Pros – Nice fragrance, Easy to keep in car

Cons – Slightly expensive

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Litake 2-in-1 Car Air Purifier

Litake 2-in-1 Car Air Purifier - Best Car Air Freshener in india


The Litake 2-in-1 car air purifier is a unique product in its own. While it can be used as a traditional car perfume, it also serves an additional purpose of being an in-car mobile phone charge.

The Litake 2-in-1 car air purifier is composed of two parts – a car freshener at the top and a dual port USB charger at the bottom. The charger can be slotted in the 12V power socket, which is now available in all cars, ranging from entry level small hatchbacks to bigger luxury ones.

There are two USB slots in the charger, through which one can charge two mobile phones at one point of time. There is a slim circumference of blue colored LED light between the air freshener and USB charging ports, which glows when the unit is put in use and can even act as ambient light. These multiple usages of the Litake 2-in-1 car air purifier makes it one of the most value for money options.

NameLitake 2-in-1 car air purifier
Weight140 gm
Volume10 ml

Pros – Compact size, Multi-purpose use

Cons – Not long lasting


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