10 Best Car Mobile Charger in India For Car Owners
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10 Best Car Mobile Charger in India For Car Owners



The modern lives are now majorly depended on the electronic devices we use, particularly mobile phones. From out work to even shopping for groceries, many aspects of our lives do involve mobile phones and other electronic devices. To avoid any kind of disrupt in our daily work, we need to ensure that our mobile phones and gadgets have enough charge to sustain the heavy loads we put on them, even while we drive our vehicles. And this is where car chargers come into play and perform a major role.

Thanks to cut-throat competition, prices of car chargers have come down drastically, with more economic options available even in prices as low as below Rs. 500. Unlike before, these car chargers can charge at least two devices at the same time and are smaller in size, thus making them more practical in portable to use. Following is a list of five most popular car mobile chargers which are being preferred by car owners of India:

Boat Car Charger

Boat Car Mobile Charger

The Boat car charger is a very promising thing for its size. The car charger might look small at first, but actually offers a charging speed four times more than that offered by a regular charger which costs the same. The Boat car charger comes with two USB slots, with both of them compatible to Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 technology, which is something which many chargers of its price are simply are not having.

The Boat car charger is compatible with all the gadgets having USB and type C charging sockets. The braided micro USB cable which comes along with the charger too is sturdy enough to long last under heavy usage. The built-in safeguard makes it a safe option even in case of overcharging and overheating. The only demerit is that it could have been equipped with one or two extra USB slots. The Boat car mobile charger has been competitively priced at Rs. 599.

NameBoat Car Charger
Length16.6 cm
Width7.1 cm
Height3.6 cm
Weight30 gm
No. of ports2

Pros – Reliable, Free braided USB cable

Cons – Could have had more port

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Mi Car Charger

Mi Car Mobile Charger

The overall shape of the Mi car mobile charger is very small, and it can easily fit in your fist. It comes with a cylindrical lower portion which easily fits in your vehicle’s 12V power socket. The head of the charger comes with the two USB slots placed side by side.

The Mi car charger also comes with a small blue LED light that glows up whenever the charger is slotted in the socket. The light is too bright which can also act as an ambient light whenever you are driving in dark conditions.

The 18W Mi car charger has been priced at Rs. 448 and comes with a standard 6 months of warranty period.

NameMi Car Charger
Length11 cm
Width6.3 cm
Height3.5 cm
Weight22 gm
No. of ports2

Pros – Compact Size, Strong LED Light

Amazonbasics Car Charger

Amazonbasics Car Mobile Charger

Like a number of other small electronic devices and equipment, the car charger from AmazonBasics is exclusively available at the official website or smartphone application of the e-commerce giant Amazon. This small car mobile charger carries a price tag of Rs. 469, and comes with two USB slots mounted on its top most surface.

The current rating of AmazonBasics car charger is 4A, with which it can charge a range of electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. Both the 20W USB slots of this car charger are surrounded by orange colored contrast finish, and both can be used together at the same time at the same power rating.

The car charger comes with a built-in safety system, with which one can assured about the possible overloading and short circuiting of the device in worst cases. Like all the other chargers in this list, the AmazonBasics car charger too is compact, light-weighted and comes integrated with an LED light indicator.

However, there is a major shortcoming associated with this charger – it doesn’t come with a charging cable. The price of the AmazonBasics car charger is Rs. 469.

NameAmazonBasics car charger
Length5.89 cm
Width2.79 cm
Height2.79 cm
Weight22.96 gm
No. of ports2

Pros – Compact size, Cheaper to buy

Cons – Flimsy build quality

Philips Car Charger

Philips Car Mobile Charger

Philips is one brand that rarely has gone wrong ever when it comes to make electronic devices and appliances. This compact car mobile charger from Philips is light and easy to carry around with its compact design.

The main advantage of the Philips car charger is that it varies the current flowing for charging the device by itself, depending on the charge rating of the device plugged in for charging.

The Philips car charger is made up of an intelligent circuitry featuring multiple safeguards, that not only facilitate fast charging of electronic devices, but also keeps them safe from adverse conditions like overcharging and overheating.

The Philips car charger, like other devices in this list, also comes with two USB slots placed on its head, which are surrounded by a blue circular ring. This ring lights up whenever the charger is plugged in the 12V socket of the car. This dual port charger can be all yours for Rs. 350.

NamePhilips car charger
Length6 cm
Width3 cm
Height3 cm
Weight40 gm
No. of ports2

Pros – Small size, Long Lasting

Cons – Only two USB slots

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Amkette Car Charger

Amkette Car Mobile Charger

Similar to the Boat car mobile charger, the one from Amkette too claims four times charging speed for all those electronic devices which are compatible with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 technology.

The biggest advantage working in favour of the Amkette car charger is that while others in this list are offering only two USB ports, it is offering three ports. The combined power output of all the three ports is rated at 33W. For non-qualcomm devices, the output drops to 15W.

In addition to this, unlike most of the other in this price range, the package of the Amkette car charger also includes a quick charge 3.0+ braided micro USB charging cable. Another positive trait of this charger is that it gets three layers of safety to protect itself from haphazard situations like overcharging and overheating.

Priced at Rs. 499, the Amkette car charger is being offered with a standard manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

NameAmkette car charger
Length16 cm
Width7.9 cm
Height4.3 cm
Weight141 gm
No. of ports3

Pros – More than two USB slots, Good warranty period

iVoltaa 3.1A Dual Port Car Charger

The iVoltaa 3.1A dual-port car charger is a very handy and small-sized car charger, which can charge two mobile phones at one time. This ultra-slim and small car charger has a combined power output of 2.4A and is capable of automatically adjusting the voltage obtained from the vehicle to offer a consistent rate of charging. The charger also features a small LED light indicator, however, it is not as bright as one would expect it to be. The iVoltaa 3.1A dual-port car charger is being offered with a standard warranty of 1 year.

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This is for those who prefer charging multiple devices at one time. The TP-Link UP525 25W 5-port USB charger offers the versatility of charging not two or three, but five different devices at one time. This is very appreciable for a device for its compact size. This particular charger has a nice rounded design which has a cool-looking LED around its circumference. This charger is certified from RoHS, WEEE and FCC, and offers an overall power output of 5A. Due to its bigger size, it is not as handy as other chargers in this list.

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Belkin Universal Car Charger

While the Belkin universal car charger has only one USB slot unlike two or more other chargers in this list, it is still preferred for its quick charging capacity. Apart from mobile phones, this charger is also compatible with all other devices like tablets, thanks to its decent maximum output of 10W. The charger supports a USB cable of the length of up to 4 feet, which is appreciable for a charger of its size. The maximum warranty offered on this charger is 1 year.

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Syska Dual Car Charger

The Syska dual car charger is a compact car charger that comes with two USB slots and has a maximum power output of 2.4A. While the charger is not suitable for heavy-duty use, it is decent enough for using two mobile phones at one time. The charger comes with illuminated USB slots, which make them suitable to use even in low light conditions. The Syska dual car charger gets a durable spring action, which increases its stability while it is in use.

Joyseus Car Charger

Joyseus Car Charger

The Joyseus car charger is one of the smallest car chargers on this list but has a premium glossy finish with a blue LED to make it noticeable even in low light conditions. For its size, the presence of two USB slots in it is very commendable. With a power output of 3.1A, the Joyseus car charger charges with a speed of up to 2.5 times the speed of a usual car charger. This charger has got certifications from CE, FCC and RoHS and comes integrated with a soft LED light. The short warranty period of just 6 months might turn off some buyers, though.


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