10 Best Electric Bicycles in India [Updated on June 2022]
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Ten Best Electric Bicycles in India




10 Best Electric Bicycles in India 2022

In this day and age of soaring fuel prices and uncontrolled and mad traffic scenes all over, using an electric bicycle for your intra-city runs might seem to be a perfect mobility solution. While electric bicycles might not be as fast as regular two-wheelers, the fact that they are massively inexpensive to ride and maintain and can double up as a workout partner in the pedalling mode does make them a great option. Following are some of the best electric bicycles in India, which are gaining popularity in the ongoing craze and acceptance of electric vehicles:

Hero Lectro Impact 26T


While the design of the Hero Lectro Impact 26T looks simple for a modern-day electric bicycle, the desirability quotient of this bicycle is raised by the funky colour options on offer. Priced at Rs 41,398, the Hero Lectro Impact 26T, as the name suggests, comes equipped with 26-inch double-wall alloy rims shaped like spokes and 26” x 2.0” tires at either ends. It is also equipped with 7-speed Shimano gears and a front disc brake. The battery pack of the Hero Lectro Glide 26” offers a maximum pedal-free riding range of 30 km, and in the battery mode, it can touch a maximum speed of 25 kmph. There are four different riding modes on offer too – Pedal, Cruise, Pedalac and Throttle.

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Toutche Helieo


Consisting of three models in its lineup – M100, M200 and H200, the range of Toutche Helieo starts at Rs 49,900. Toutche is an electric bicycle manufacturer based out of Mysore, which is known for making lightweight and sleek looking electric bicycles. All three versions of Toutche Helieo are equipped with removable lithium-ion batteries, pedal assist and 6-speed gears. All these electric bicycles have the same frame size, though Toutche is working on introducing more frame sizes soon.

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Orbis Onn Rover


Priced at around Rs 37,359, the Orbis Onn Rover is perfect for those who are eying a premium e-bicycle for office commutes to workplaces situated nearby their residences. What catches public attention towards the Orbis Onn Rover is its battery, which on a single charge returns an impressive range of 55 km. Mounted on the lower angular frame member, the battery pack of the Orbis Onn Rover looks edgy and stylish.

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Elektron Hybrid Bicycle M368


On the design front, the Elektron Hybrid Bicycle m368 might look like a conventional geared bicycle with functional front and rear curved fenders. However, the real magic of this electric bicycle lies in the battery pack integrated into the lower slanted frame member. Tipping the weighing scales at 21.5 kg, the Elektron Hybrid Bicycle m368 has double-walled aluminium alloy rims with 27.5” x 2.1” tires. Powering the Elektron Hybrid Bicycle m368 is a 250W brushless motor, which is good enough to produce a torque output of 35 Nm. On a single charge, this electric bicycle can be ridden for 35-75 km, while the battery takes 4-5 hours for a full charge. The Elektron Hybrid Bicycle m368 is also well-equipped with additional features like disc brakes, LED battery meter, odometer, wide alloy griping pedals, and Shimano RD-TZ50 gears, reflectors, horn and front light. The Elektron Hybrid Bicycle m368 carries a price tag of Rs 33,999, thus making it one of the best electric bicycles in India.

Pure EV Etron



Coming from a Hyderabad-based startup Pure EV, the Etron is the startup’s first-ever foray into the electric bicycle market. The manufacturer has already made a decent presence in the electric scooter market with the ePluto neo-retro electric scooter, and with the Etron, it aims to capture a decent share of the electric bicycle category too. Riding on 26-inch double-wall alloy wheels, the Pure EV Etron is powered by a 36V 250W brushless geared motor placed at its rear. The Pure EV Etron is also equipped with a 7-speed Derailleur Shimano gear system, disc brakes from Tektro at both front and rear, XC 30 front suspension and a 12 magnet intelligent pedal assistant system. In the PAS mode, the Pure EV Etron can deliver a riding range of over 80 km.

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Being Human BH27 e-Cycle



Being Human is a fitness brand owned by Salman Khan, which has made its fame in the apparel market in recent years. Now, the brand has ventured into the electric bicycle market with the BH27 e-bicycle. Available in four colour options – white, black, red and yellow, the Being Human BH27 e-cycle is priced at Rs 53,999, which is on the pricier side. The frame of the Being Human BH27 e-cycle is made of stainless steel, with the lower frame member accommodating the battery pack which uses 36V 7.8A Samsung cells. This battery pack takes four hours for a full charge. The Being Human BH27 e-cycle also gets adjustable front suspension, LED headlight, and LCD panel displaying speed, battery level, range and voltage. Equipped with a 7-speed Shimano gear system, the Being Human BH27 e-cycle can reach a top speed of 25 kmph.

Roulik Inizio e-Bike



Made by another India-based startup called Roulik, the Roulik Inizio e-bike is a dual-purpose electric bicycle, which can perform as a mountain bike when needed. The highlight of the Roulik Inizio e-bike is its battery pack, which is mounted on the lower frame member. It is a 36V 7.8Ah battery pack, which takes four hours to get fully charged. This battery is coupled to a 250W brushless motor for the propulsion of the bicycle, which can make the Roulik Inizio e-bike reach a top speed of 25 kmph. Other crucial features of the Roulik Inizio e-bike are three modes (including pedal assist), front suspension, Shimano 21-speed gear train, LED headlight, 3.4-inch LCD, LED tail lamp, and double-walled aluminium rims and dual disc brakes.

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Ninety One Meraki e-Bike



One of the latest additions to the electric bicycle market, the Ninety One Meraki e-bike boasts an elegant design, which has been launched for fitness enthusiasts who love simple designs for their bicycles. Priced at Rs 32,999, the Ninety One Meraki e-bike gets a battery pack comprising 6.5 Ah Panasonic cells. It also gets a 250W brushless electric motor for motion. Featuring an e-brake with power cut-off, the Ninety One Meraki e-bike is available in three colour options to choose from – Electric Orange, Graceful Grey and Midnight Black.

Coppernicus T3 e-Bike



Another popular electric bicycle maker from India, Coppernicus has marked its presence in the market with the T3 electric bicycle. Having a frame made of 6061 aluminium, which is lightweight and durable, the Coppernicus T3 e-bike features a portable 36V battery pack and a 250W BLDC rear hub motor. The other salient features of the Coppernicus T3 e-bike are hydraulic disc brakes with electronic motor cut-off, SR Suntour front forks with 100mm suspension travel, and Shimano ZEE 10 gears with RD Shadow+ tech and a TFT screen for basic data display.

Triad E5 e-Bike



The Triad E5 comes from the house of Triad, a bicycle manufacturer who is worldwide famous for race and mountain bicycles. Weighing around 21 kg, the Triad E5 has a 7.8 Ah battery, which takes 4 hours for a full charge and can make the bicycle stretch a distance of 50 km. The Triad E5 can reach a top speed of 25 kmph, while it gets features like an adjustable stem for comfortable riding position, firmly fixed front and rear fenders and front and rear lights.


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