Maruti Wagon R - Why It Still Continues To Be Easy To Maintain Hatchback
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Maruti Wagon R – Why It Still Continues To Be Most Easy To Maintain Hatchback



Maruti Wagon R: Competitive Edge

Maruti Wagon R 4 Good Reasons Why is it Top 5 Cars in India

Next year Maruti Wagon R will celebrate its second decade of production in India. The car’s popularity comes from various factors which include Maruti’s service network and popularity amongst the masses of India. India’s largest automaker introduced tallboy design with the Wagon R and it enabled the car to capitalize on its cabin space while still confirming to conform to its compact dimensions. Over the course of last year, the sales figures of Wagon R have been on an incline and by the looks of it, they seem to be on a constant rise.

As of April 2018, 16,561 units of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R were sold in India which is higher than the sales figures of its competitor Hyundai Eon and Tata Tiago combined. Other than the service network and brand’s popularity amongst Indian consumer another factor that aids in the popularity of this hatchback is its low cost of maintenance. The spare parts for Maruti Wagon R have some of the most competitive price tags in Indian automotive market today.

Being a car of such compact dimension like Maruti Wagon R and other hatchback offerings from the company are very popular in major cities. The heavy traffic condition makes it more convenient to have a compact hatchback as your daily driver which comes with low maintenance and service cost.

Traffic collisions mostly minor ones like fender-benders are common in cities with bumper-to-bumper traffic like Delhi and Mumbai. A Maruti Wagon R owner can walk into an authorized dealer and pick up a brand new front bumper for Rs. 1,315 before GST, with an out of the door price of Rs. 1683. At this price, the spare part happens to be one of the most competitively priced parts in the market today.

The competitive pricing is not just limited to the plastic panels. Indian road conditions can be challenging in some scenarios. cracking of windshields by pebbles on highways and when the car is driving behind a high payload truck is very common. The front windshield of the car can be purchased for an all-inclusive price of Rs. 3840 from an authorized company dealer.

It might not be the most feature Laden offering in its segments but with prices starting from Rs. 4.15 lakh (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi), it is one of the most competitively priced cars in its segment. The power plant offered in Wagon R also makes it very attractive to the consumers.

With a wide variety of variants which include AMT gearbox options, Maruti Wagon R is ideal to be a city computer. The 1-liter K10 B petrol engine produces 67.04bhp of peak power output and 190Nm of torque. The car gets ARAI claimed fuel efficiency of 20.51 kmpl.

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