BMW-Powered AirCar Flying Car Successfully Covers First Intercity Flight
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Klein Vision’s BMW-Powered AirCar Flying Car Successfully Covers First Intercity Flight



Seems like the dream of flying a car will sooner be a reality. AirCar, the flying car by Klein Vision stuns the world.

klein vision bmw powered aircar flying car

AirCar, a visionary flying car project helmed by Klein Vision, has accomplished its first intercity flight, bringing the possibility of turning out the dream of a flying car to reality even closer. This was 142nd successful landing accomplished by the AirCar till date, and this time, it travelled between two cities for the first time by air – from the Nitra international airport to Bratislava international airport, both of which are situated in Slovakia.

The total time taken by AirCar to achieve this intercity flight was 35 minutes, which is almost half of the typical time taken to travel between the two cities.  The AirCar was driven by Professor Stefan Klein and Anton Zajac, the two founders of Klein Vision, who landed the flight at 6:05 am in Bratislava. After landing, in just a duration of three minutes, the entire AirCar transformed into a sports car.

klein vision bmw-powered aircar flying car news

The AirCar prototype 1, which was the testing model used for this intercity run, sources its power from a BMW-engineered 160 hp engine, which has been paired to a fixed propeller and parachute for the operation of flying. The AirCar has already undergone almost 40 hours of test flights, which also include 45 degree turns and various tests of stability and maneuverability. While the AirCar prototype 1 has achieved the highest flying height of 8200 ft, the maximum cruising speed of it is 190 kmph.

The steady development of the AirCar prototype 1 is in line with the arrival of AirCar prototype 2, which will be the pre-production model of the flying car. This particular model claims to have a 300 hp engine and EASA CS-23 aircraft certification as well as M1 road permit, for equal prowess in both air as well as on road. The performance of this pre-production model is expected to better that of prototype 1, with a maximum cruising speed of 300 kmph and range of almost 1000 km.

Commenting on the successful accomplishment of intercity air journey of the AirCar, Professor Klein claimed that the AirCar will pave the path for dual transportation vehicles (primarily flying cars) in the future. Adding to it, Anton Zajac too said that AirCar is not just a proof of concept anymore, as with the testing runs it has had till date, it is on its way of turning fiction into reality.

Dr. Branko Sarh, senior technical fellow of Boeing Co., was all praises of this achievement. Complementing Professor Klein on the achievement, he said that Klein is currently the world leader when it comes to the vision of development of flying cars.


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