Lincoln Anniversary Concept Previews How Lincolns From the Future Could Look Like
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Lincoln Anniversary Concept Previews How Lincolns From the Future Could Look Like



Lincoln Anniversary Concept of Future

As a fruit of its collaboration with ArtCenter College of Design in Malibu, American luxury carmaker Lincoln has come up with an all new design concept. Named as Lincoln Anniversary Concept, the design theme is a two-door four seater concept, which gives a preview of potential design elements which Lincoln might use for its future lineup of cars.

Lincoln Anniversary Concept of Future Previewed

Few months ago, Lincoln joined hands with ArtCenter College of Design. Under this agreement, the students of the college were invited to create four possible automotive designs as integral parts of meaningful stories based on different kinds of people. These were meant to be drafted on the basis of how the Lincoln cars might look in the year 2040 and beyond, with short films made on the theme of the stories revolving around the concept.

Lincoln Anniversary Concept Front Profile

Out of the four designs, the Lincoln Anniversary Concept is a four-seater car which derives its name from a short film in which it has appeared. The story of this film revolves around this car, in which a couple is celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary by visiting their favorite places in a city in the car.

This design created by the students prompted Lincoln to build a car based on the design, which was also previewed at Lincoln’s weekend festivities held in Monterey at The Quail. Lincoln might also showcase the car at the auto show circuit in the future.

Apart from this 2-door four seater car, the other designs developed by the students are a two-seater sedan concept, a four-seater SUV concept and a six-seater MPV concept. All of these designs have been created on the pre-decided theme from Lincoln called C.A.S.E. (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric).

Lincoln Anniversary Concept of Future Pics

Here are the details of other design concepts which were developed during the process:

  • Two seater sedan – Inspired by the Zephyrs and Continentals of yore, this concept was named as Glider. This concept was showcased in the short film named ‘Now You Drive’, which featured a sweet relationship between a son and his wheelchair-bounded father. The son makes his father seat on the driver’s car and puts his wheelchair in the back. The concept here features automatically retractable throttle and brake pedals and manages the speed on its own. This allows easy driving experience for the father, who was driving a car after many years.
  • Four seater SUV – Featured in the short film named ‘Amongst the stars’, this four seater SUV concept has a few futuristic highlights, including touchscreen windows and augmented reality panoramic sunroof. In this short film, the main protagonist as well as her family members take a trip to White Sands National Park and experience a wide starry night through the innovative sunroof. While driving, the sunroof displays some cool highlights like the names of the constellations above.
  • Six-seater MPV – This particular design featured in a short movie named ‘Ensemble’. In this story, a six seater vehicle is previewed which is designed on the lines of a 1936 Duro Metal Products van body on a Ford truck chassis. The story shows that this vehicle is used for ferrying a band of six musicians to a gig in a comfortable and luxurious cabin.


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