Nexzu Electric Cycles Price in India - Details and Specifications Inside
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Four New Electric Bicycles To Watch Out From Nexzu e-Bikes



nexzu electric cycle

The sector of electric mobility is booming in India, and Nexzu has made its presence felt with its affordable range of electric bicycles. Formerly known as Avan Motors, Nexzu is an Indian start-up based out of Navi Mumbai and has made a total of four affordable and easy-to-ride electric bicycles available for short commutes. Following are all the e-bicycles from the portfolio of Nexzu:


Nexzu Rompus E Bikes

This most affordable electric bicycle from Nexzu has a 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery integrated in its lower frame member, which has a life cycle of 750 charges and takes 2.5 to 3 hours to get fully charged. The bicycle comes with two riding modes – Pedelec mode, which offers a riding range of 25 km, and Throttle mode, which returns a riding range of 20 km. The bicycle rides on 26-inch nylon tyres and sources its power from a 250W 36V electric motor. This might be an entry-level model but is rightfully equipped with a working suspension setup and mechanical disc brakes at both ends. The Nexzu Rompus is priced at Rs 31,601 and is available in a single shade of black.

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nexzu Rompus plus e bikes

Priced at Rs 32,925, the Rompus+ carries a very small premium over the Rompus on which it is based. This electric bicycle gets the same working suspension, 250W 36V electric motor and cold rolled steel frame with 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery integrated in it. However, there is a slew of advancements here, such as different 26-inch cotton tube tyres, dual electric disc brakes and enhanced riding range – 32 km in Pedelec mode and 22 km in Throttle mode. The Rompus+ is being offered in four colour options of black, red, blue and silver.

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Nexzu Roadlark ebikes

Claiming to be India’s only electric bicycle to offer a riding range of 100 km, the Roadlark is priced at Rs 44,083. This premium e-bike from Nexzu comes with a dual battery set up – a 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery within the frame and a secondary 8.7 Ah lithium-ion battery mounted vertically behind the seat. The combined charging time required for the batteries is 3-4 hours and the combined riding range stands at 100 km in Pedelec modes and 75 km in Throttle mode. Apart from this, the Roadlark gets the same 26-inch cotton tube tyres, electric disc brakes and 250W 36V electric motor from the Rompus+. The colour options in which this e-bike is offered are blue, black, red and silver.

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Roadlark Cargo

nexzu Roadlark Cargo ebikes

Based on the Roadlark, the Roadlark Cargo is for those who wish to carry some luggage while riding. Priced at Rs 46,422, the Roadlark Cargo has the same design and specification as the Roadlark but gets a large luggage rack mounted above the rear wheel, which is capable of carrying 50 kg of load in it. The Roadlark Cargo also gets the same dual battery setup (5.5 Ah primary and 8.7 Ah secondary), which offers a combined riding range of 100 km in Pedelec mode and 75 km in Throttle mode and takes 3-4 hours to get fully charged. Other components shared with the Roadlark are 26-inch cotton tube-type tyres, 250W 36V electric motor and electric disc brakes. This e-bike is available only in black colour.


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